A space to put your belongings in À l'Abri

À l’Abri is a company offering storage solutions to private individuals or professionals. Launched in 2019, this company adapts to different needs, from archive storage to parking for vintage cars. The founders wanted to make this project a reality with the aim of providing storage spaces that are close to customers while being easily and securely accessible 24 hours a day.

To highlight the added value of this offer, we collaborated with the company À l’abri, notably for the creation of a visual identity and a logo in their image. Focusing the visual identity on the security aspect was essential, which is why a padlock was harmoniously integrated during the creation of the logo. Black and orange were chosen as the dominant colours, in particular to show the dynamism and rigour of the company.

Habefast Case Study A L Abri Space For Your Belongings
Habefast Case Study A L Abri Storage Space Internal Banner
Habefast Case Study A L Abri Storage Space
Habefast Case Study A L Abri Storage Space Logo

Professional and refined printed materials

This newly created company wanted to show its know-how and the advantages of its offer through printed materials. Our graphic design department was pleased to produce a brochure whose formatting required some thought in order to obtain a synthetic, comprehensible and attractive rendering. Prior to this creation, it was necessary for our audiovisual production agency LakeProd to take pictures of the various storage spaces available. The images, carefully integrated into the brochure, give consumers a clear vision of the service À l’Abri offers.

Habefast Case Study A L Abri Professional Printed Materials
Habefast Case Study A L Abri Secure Storage Solution Internal Banner

Make way for digital

In the digital age, À l’Abri wanted to create a place for itself in the digital world. Our team of web designers and developers created the company’s website according to the previously defined graphic charter. To improve the user experience and make it easier to get in touch, an online booking solution was integrated. We also take care of the various digital marketing campaigns of the company À l’abri, in order to promote their offer to a target audience. 

Habefast Case Study A L Abri Make Way For Digital
Habefast Case Study A L Abri Make Way For Digital Internal Banner