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Do you want to innovate to reinforce your competitive position but can’t get out of your comfort zone? Do you want to help your teams be more flexible and adapt more easily to the unexpected? Our consulting agency Habefast helps you to build a growth strategy based on innovation.

Why innovate?

A stake in survival

Today, in a context of increased globalization, competition is more and more intense between companies. Innovation has become a major stake for the survival of any company. Indeed, to face the perpetual changes inherent to their environment and their market, companies are building their growth strategy based on innovation. Whether it concerns startups or large groups, the aim is to create, through innovation, sustainable competitiveness that will protect them against possible risks due to change. Innovation can take place with a number of objectives in mind: improving productivity, creating a more efficient product, reducing costs through digital transformation or other innovative and promising projects.

« Encourage innovation. Change is our life force, stagnation our death knell. » – David M. Oglilvy


« Systematic innovation requires the willingness to see change as an opportunity » – Peter Drucker

Offering strategic services or innovative products is a way to diversify your offer and generate growth for your company. Indeed, innovation can create new opportunities for business development: you can reach new customers, enter new markets and increase your market share. If you are able to offer an attractive innovation and build a coherent growth strategy around it, you can stay ahead of your competitors, and innovation can be a good way to increase your company’s profitability.

Innovation can also be a good way to increase your company’s profitability. Innovation is attractive and helps maintain a quality customer experience: consumers will be inclined to pay more for an innovative product or service.

Types of innovation

An innovation only exists if it is perceived as such by the users concerned. We distinguish 4 main types of innovation:

  • Product or service innovation. The main objective of this type of innovation is to stimulate demand by creating an offer that will set you apart from the existing one.

  • Process innovation. Here, the innovation is applied internally to improve the daily life of your company.

  • Marketing innovation. With this method, you expand your market by selling your products or services through a new sales channel.

  • Organizational innovation. This process allows you to increase the efficiency and the relevance of the relationships between the stakeholders in the creation of value for the company.

Our expertise

Our Habefast consulting firm accompanies you throughout this innovation process. We help you to engage all your company’s key strengths and to optimize their use to build a sustainable growth strategy and to apply it to the operational area. Thanks to our advanced analysis tools, we help you anticipate changes in your business sector and build a relevant innovation strategy to transform these changes into opportunities for your company.

We also help you reveal the potential of your company’s research and development department by organizing creativity workshops to boost the innovation capacity of your employees. Our teams of consultants can also put you in touch with start-ups that offer working methods or technological solutions that could be applied to your company.

Tailor-made consulting

The Habefast agency accompanies you at every step of your innovation process: training teams to stimulate creativity, brainstorming to generate ideas, rigorous feasibility tests, profitability tests.

We respect the uniqueness and the particularity of each client and we establish a personalized consulting offer to encourage the innovation and creativity of your teams.

In practice

Elaborate your innovation strategy with our Habefast consulting agency. Our consultants help you to develop a corporate philosophy that promotes flexibility, agility and innovation: we master different recognized methods to boost the creativity of your teams. In practice Elaborate your innovation strategy with our consulting agency Habefast. Our consultants help you to develop a company philosophy that promotes flexibility, agility and innovation: we master different recognized methods to boost the creativity of your teams. We regularly organize workshops to apply these recent techniques: SAFE Creativity, C-K Method, Co-development, Issue-based Project Management, Design Thinking, Lean Startup, Business Model Canvas, Lean Canvas, Value Architecture Creation…

Our analysis levers.

We propose different action levers to concretize your innovation strategy. Our employees carry out their reflection around two main axes:

  1. External analysis:

    We study your company’s interactions with its environment.  This mainly consists of competitive intelligence on your market, technological intelligence (patent analysis), market analysis. We also study the practices of consumers in your sector of activity in order to better define their needs and propose innovative solutions to meet them. We can also suggest new suppliers to meet a need for innovation in your company.

  2. Internal analysis:

    We study the various interactions within your organization in order to unleash the potential of your teams: internal processes, training of your employees, manufacturing costs, operating costs, profitability, customer and supplier relationships. Whatever your project or ambition, Habefast is the ideal partner to accompany your organization towards a more innovative future while keeping your objectives on course.

Examples of recent missions carried out based on innovation consulting.

  • Supporting companies in the implementation of framework conditions favorable to in-house innovation and carrying out training courses.

  • Market analysis and strategic thinking to analyze topics of innovation and strategic differentiation for our clients.

  • Search for innovation in a Blue Ocean logic to find long-term competitive advantages for our clients.

  • Strategic consulting and creative thinking for the launch of new products or services for our clients.