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Do you have a project of creation and wish to concretize it by launching your company? You have an innovative idea but don’t know where to start? You have just launched your company but you don’t know how to make it known or how to ensure its viability…

Habefast consulting agency helps you to make the right decisions to start with a solid foundation by providing you with advice on business creation.

Preparing to launch your company

As a consulting firm, we know that becoming an entrepreneur requires a well-organized organization. In order to prepare your entrepreneurial project properly, we offer you our expertise and help you ask the right questions right from the creation phase in order to transform your idea into a real success.

Our agency, passionate about entrepreneurship, puts its creativity and know-how at the service of project holders, whether they are self-entrepreneurs or micro entrepreneurs. We carry out for you:

Market analysis

Knowing your environment is one of the keys to success when creating a business. Thanks to a market study and internal and external diagnostics, you can better apprehend the competition and the potential risks which result from it. Our employees also help business creators to define the current needs of consumers in order to define a coherent target. If your target is well defined from the creation phase, you will be able to adapt your message and your offer to it and ensure the feasibility of your business idea.

Consumer panel

When creating a company, we find it important to analyze the feasibility and sustainability of an offer. We can carry out consumer panels prior to the launch of your service or product. You get initial feedback on your offer and you can potentially improve it before its launch on the market. In this way, your data and forecasting elements will be more reliable.

Business plan

When creating a company, the “business plan” and “business model” are certainly the most precise and longest steps in the process. You will be led to ask yourself essential questions, in particular with regard to financing. What differentiates your offer from the existing offer of your competitors? What positioning do you want to adopt? Which distribution channels will you favor?

Our Habefast consulting agency benefits from a multi-sector experience and has the necessary tools to bring you an individual support. Our consultants are specialized in business strategy and help you build a complete project, with short, medium and long term objectives, to guide you throughout your development.

Marketing mix

Once your idea is well defined, we help transform it into a concrete and viable commercial project thanks to a creative support. At what price to set your offer? Which markets are the most promising? What name should you choose for your company? What promotional channel will you use to promote your company? The definition of your marketing plan is a strategic step in the creation of your business.

  • Naming

    Once your idea is well defined, we help to transform it into a concrete and viable commercial project thanks to our creative support. How much do you charge for your offer? Which markets are the most promising? What name should you choose for your company? What promotional channel will you use to promote your company? The definition of your marketing plan is a strategic step in the creation of your company.

  • Logo and visual identity creation

    Our consulting agency Habefast offers you a 360° expertise for the creation of your brand image. We have an integrated design agency. Our professional graphic designers put their creativity and their technique at the service of your company and make it a point of honor to offer you a logo that is representative of your offer, your values and easily memorable. They can also build a complete visual identity around this logo, establishing the graphic charter of your company. In this way, your communication supports will be harmonized and your visibility will be maximized.

  • Price positioning

    The Habefast consulting agency first carries out a complete consulting of your strategy, your brand image and your sector of activity in order to elaborate for you a coherent price positioning, which will reflect the quality of your offer and the values of your brand.

  • Packaging

    The Habefast graphic design agency proposes you to imagine and create your packaging, which must be coherent with the visual identity of the brand, while highlighting the product itself. We offer you a complete service, from strategic thinking, through creation, to the manufacture of your packaging. We can study and adapt all types of products according to your needs, in order to find the packaging design that best suits you.

Communication plan

Following our support during the creation process, we help the business creator to promote his offer. Our communication agency Habefast can build a tailor-made communication plan, which will allow you to optimize your budget and to choose the adequate supports.

You can also discover our blog article dedicated to the Business Model Canvas which allows you to have a synthesis of all your strategy.

  • Creation of your website

    Our integrated web agency can also create your website showcase in order to make you known to Internet users, always respecting your visual identity. We have tools that will allow your site to be well referenced on Google in order to attract a maximum of clicks and potential customers.

  • Creation of advertising campaigns

    Thanks to its multidisciplinary experience, our Habefast agency can help you to promote your company and your offer through personalized advertising campaigns. We provide creative advice, print advertising campaigns with the creation of flyers, brochures, magazines, goodies, posters, as well as audiovisual advertising campaigns (TV spots, corporate videos, web series). We can also set up digital promotional campaigns including the creation of newsletters, mailings, web-banners, AdWords campaigns, social network campaigns, etc.

Our mission: to accompany you after the launch.

At Habefast, we offer you to continue our mission after the creation of your company. At Habefast, we propose to continue our mission after the creation of your company. We offer medium and long term support to accompany you in the development of your company.

  • Support on the main stages of development

    After the development of companies, our Habefast consulting agency also assists business leaders in structuring your activities and internal processes in order to optimize the functioning of your company in an innovative way. We help you to define the profiles to be recruited and accompany you in the choice of the adequate IT structure.

  • Operational implementation of the marketing plan

    When you have just created your company, it is important that your brand “lives” quickly. Indeed, a brand that does not live directly can become a problem: if it is not used within 5 years after the filing, you can no longer ensure the protection of your name.

    From a more commercial point of view, it is advisable to “hit hard” as soon as you launch your business in order to create a customer base and encourage word of mouth.

    In this age of digitalization, there are many ways for you to make yourself known. Our team can bring life to your brand by publishing regularly on social networks or by partnering with influencers, thanks to our matchmaking platform between brands and Swiss influencers, Influenceurs.ch.

  • Performance monitoring

    Our consulting agency Habefast, we believe that the analysis of results is an essential element for the overall success of your company. This is why we set up performance monitoring indicators, which allow us to measure the return on investment of our strategy. This way, you benefit from a complete and transparent vision of your evolution.

Examples of recent missions based on consulting in company creation.

  • Accompaniment of entrepreneurs who wish to launch their companies by thinking with them about the optimization of their business model.

  • Advice in company structuring and support for the entrepreneur in the first important steps to be taken to launch his business.

  • Act as a business booster to advise and assist entrepreneurs in making decisions.

  • Creation of a partnership model so that new entrepreneurs can have access to all our talents to help them launch their business.