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Are you struggling to create advertising campaigns that effectively target your desired audience? Do you want to optimize your company’s positioning in your market?

Our marketing and communication agency has numerous references in various sectors of activity in Switzerland and internationally. We tailor our services to meet your specific needs, whether it’s to create or optimize your marketing strategy.

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Marketing Agency, our vision of "marketing"

Marketing refers to the set of methods and techniques aimed at creating value for consumers, while maximizing the economic performance of companies.

In other words, marketing seeks to understand the needs of consumers in a given sector, responding with product or service offers that are tailored and profitable.

The role of the marketer is to conduct in-depth market and competition studies to establish a marketing strategy in line with the expectations of customers and the company. Thus, it has a dual goal: ensuring customer satisfaction while generating a certain level of profitability.

Lacking time and internal resources to implement and execute a marketing strategy? Our communication agency is at your service.

Marketing strategy, the role of brand positioning

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    Impact of the brand on consumer perception

    In a market saturated with product and service offers, the brand acts as a benchmark and a trust indicator.

    Through its positioning, it defines its unique place in the consumer’s mind. Positioning is not only about the characteristics of the product or service, but primarily about the perception, emotions, and associations consumers establish with the brand.

    This encompasses the promises made by the brand, its image, its added value, and what sets it apart from others. Well-positioned, a brand can gain in reputation, retain its customers, and effectively withstand competition.

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    Marketing studies and brand positioning definition

    The power of a brand to stand out from the others and to capture the market’s attention lies in a well-defined positioning strategy.

    This comes from a detailed analysis of the market; where the data necessary for defining this position comes from marketing studies undertaken from the brand’s creation. These surveys focus on buyer profiles, their behaviors, habits, and preferences in terms of communication.

    A clearly defined positioning provides the brand with a foothold in the minds of consumers and is an essential foundation for communicating its promise.

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Brand promise, its impact on corporate strategy

The brand promise represents the commitment a company makes to its consumers. Beyond the simple benefits associated with products or services, it encompasses the overall experience the brand commits to providing. This promise serves to strengthen the relationship with the consumer, defining what they can expect from the brand and how it stands out from the competition.

The brand promise thus plays a decisive role in customers’ purchasing decisions, influencing their preference and loyalty towards one brand over another.

To materialize this promise, it requires a comprehensive strategy that is manifested through every aspect of the company, from customer interaction to product design, and communication.

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  • Customer experience

    The customer experience traces the entire journey of the consumer with the brand, from discovery to after-sales service. Each step of this journey, including the act of purchase, must faithfully reflect the brand’s promise.

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  • Communication strategy

    Communication embodies the brand’s voice. The tone adopted, whether formal, friendly, or inspiring, must align with the chosen positioning. The brand’s values should permeate each message. Additionally, the choice of communication channels must be relevant to precisely target consumers where their attention is at its peak.

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  • Product or service

    The value proposition, whether through products or services, revolves around the brand’s promise. It is designed to meet consumers’ expectations while bearing the brand’s values and identity. The alignment between what the brand offers and its communication is essential to ensure a consistent market experience.

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  • Role of teams

    Teams, whether they are on the front line or in support, are at the heart of materializing the brand promise. Their training and commitment are crucial to delivering a service that reflects the brand’s excellence and values. The teams then become ambassadors, carrying the voice and commitments of the company.

Do you wish to establish a strong and consistent brand promise?

Habefast, our agency, stands at the crossroads of a strategic consultancy and a global communication agency. Boasting a team of over twenty passionate professionals, we have various areas of expertise to offer you comprehensive support: from business strategy to branding, including graphic design, digital marketing, social networks, and the web.

Our mission? To enhance your expertise by guiding you from determining your market positioning to the articulation of your brand promise.

Communication, the tool that brings your marketing strategy to life

Communication refers to the set of techniques and tools used by an organization to convey a message to its target audience, and facilitate the sale of a brand, product, or service.

In a marketing strategy, communication is refined at every touchpoint with the customer. It plays a central role between the company and its audience; it aims to inform and guide the purchasing decision, while ensuring a holistic and consistent customer experience.

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    Visual consistency: your signature in the market

    When we talk about communication in marketing, it’s essential to emphasize the importance of visual consistency. This consistency is particularly expressed through the logo, the graphic charter, and various communication media.

    These elements, beyond their aesthetics, embody the brand’s messages and values and are essential to its identity.

    A harmonious visual identity among colors, fonts, and visuals creates a unique signature in the market. In a competitive environment, this visual signature contributes to the brand’s recognition and memorability by consumers.

  • Habefast Agency Marketing Communication Picto Distribution Channels

    Channels of distribution: expanding your presence

    Distribution channels play a central role in communication strategies, depending on their nature:

    For print communication, one immediately thinks of physical mediums like brochures or posters.

    Within the framework of a digital strategy, the website stands as a key element. Inbound marketing draws in and engages visitors, SEO enhances visibility on search engines, while online advertisements target specific audiences.

    Moreover, social networks prove to be essential to rally a community and refine the brand image.

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Brand platform: DNA and roadmap of your company

The brand platform is a document that summarizes the company’s DNA and serves as the foundation for its identity. It includes the brand’s positioning and promise, and details its values, marketing vision, and elements of its visual identity.

This structured document guides the company in its upcoming communication and marketing actions. This ensures that all initiatives undertaken are consistent with the brand’s identity.

It is essential for the brand platform to be available to collaborators to ensure consistency in internal and external decisions. Moreover, making it accessible to customers and prospects offers a clear insight into what the brand stands for.

Need a brand platform to strengthen your identity and propel your business?

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Yannick GrivelYannick Grivel
18:03 08 May 24
Le Triathlon de Nyon collabore avec Habefast depuis plusieurs années pour différents éléments. En 2024, ils sont refait intégralement notre site internet. Ils développement également la ligne graphique de chaque édition qui sont toujours originales et de qualité. Le suivi, la qualité et la rapidité d'exécution ou de réponse à nos demandes sont à relever. Je ne peux que les recommander les yeux fermés!
Bastien DrozBastien Droz
09:05 19 Apr 24
Super service et à l'écoute. Je recommande ce partenaire
Hippodrome Golf ClubHippodrome Golf Club
13:29 23 Mar 24
13:18 14 Dec 23
Nathalie MarmierNathalie Marmier
07:36 03 Dec 23
😃 Je suis très heureuse de travailler avec toute l'équipe d'Habefast. Je me sens soutenue, écoutée et surtout comprise dans mes besoins. 🙏 Merci beaucoup. Je recommande cette agence.👍
Direction EPS RolleDirection EPS Rolle
13:49 15 Nov 23
Nous avons refait nos logos avec Habefast. Tip top, rien à redire. Service après-vente impeccable. A recommander.
Arborisme Leuba SAArborisme Leuba SA
14:06 20 Jun 23
Notre nouvelle marque, identité visuelle, ainsi que notre nouveau site internet viennent d'être terminés avec Habefast. Nous sommes ravis, c'est une équipe réactive, à notre écoute et de bons conseils ! Les visuels sont top, vous pouvez venir voir par vous-même ;)Nous vous les recommandons vivement !
Alexia HamelinAlexia Hamelin
16:40 01 Dec 22
Un très bon atout pour débuter et développer son entreprise : étude de marché au top, conseils avisés et perspicaces pour la suite, réactivité au top lors de grosses échéances. On se sent bien entouré et guidé, je recommande!