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You want to create or renew the design of your product packaging? Do you want to stand out from the competition and improve your visibility on the shelves? For each stage of the creation of your product packaging (design, production, production or refreshment), our agency accompanies you in this process, which is essential to your marketing strategy while respecting your graphical charter.

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The impact of product packaging on consumers.

In a market in perpetual evolution, consumers see thousands of products passing in front of their eyes. The communication made by the company as well as the product packaging are the factors playing a major role in the customer’s purchasing process.

Indeed, packaging is a key element. Effective packaging is much more than just information or graphics on the package. It is a true communication tool that will convey the brand image of your company and provide the key selling points to help the customer to choose your product. Its role is therefore a major one and its realization should not be taken lightly.

Because the packaging is as important as the product it contains, it must be impactful at first glance and catch the eye of the consumer. In addition, the visuals must be personalized in line with your visual identity, the positioning of your product and the image of the company’s brand.

Packaging is one of the first reflections of your company in the eyes of consumers, so it is essential that it is relevant and in line with your company’s image.

Moreover, packaging plays different roles: it seduces and informs while highlighting the product and differentiating it from the competition. It is also used to identify the image of your company through the image of the product sold. Much more than just packaging, it must be inventive and distinctive to be more easily spotted by the consumer among all the products on the market. It must enhance the value of your product, your brand and its image, it must arouse desire and trigger a purchase. It is also a vector for building consumer loyalty.

But behind this customer-oriented thinking, packaging also means respecting technical and logistical constraints. Ideal packaging must remain practical for both the consumer and the retailer, and it must therefore be optimized to meet the criteria of dispatch, distribution, storage, presentation and consumer appeal.

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The golden rules of packaging.

As in any project, the creation of product packaging involves following key rules to ensure its success. In order to accompany you in this process, our agency offers you a tested and approved methodology, respecting all the subtleties linked to the creation of effective packaging, from graphic design to printing techniques.

  • Recognition:

    The packaging must be as attractive as possible in order to seduce and convince consumers to buy or try the product. The packaging is a real silent seller.

  • Communication:

    Packaging is a means of communication. Its shape, colors, graphics and words must be in harmony with the company and convey its brand image.

  • Information and regulation:

    Packaging also has an informative role, it must have all the information necessary for the proper functioning or use of the latter, in accordance with the legal framework. Our agency will be able to guide you in this process.

  • Preservation:

    the packaging must be designed and manufactured in order to maintain all the qualities of the product in the long term.

  • Consumption and ease of use:

    it must be practical and facilitate the consumption of the product for the consumer.

  • Safety and protection:

    it must be designed to ensure the safety of the object and the consumers, but it must also protect the product against all potential external aggressions.

  • Storage and transport:

    it must facilitate integration on the shelves, but must also be easy to identify and codify. The packaging must be optimized so that it can be easily transported, stored and handled by the retailer or any other intermediary.

  • Compliance:

    It must also comply with the legal framework in terms of the product information mentioned on the packaging. We will be able to guide you in this process.

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Habefast Services Graphism Packaging Project Couches

Habefast support mission

From the creation process to an update of an existing design, through the complete redesign of a packaging, our project manager and artistic direction will accompany you in the creation of packaging or your projects whatever their scope.

Each creation is unique and each subject deserves special attention. This is why we are committed to offering you a quality, innovative and creative service. This complete service includes strategic thinking, the creation of graphic elements, all the way to managing the relationship with the printer. We take care of the branding and customize the packaging to your graphic identity.

We establish a diagnosis of your communication tools in order to establish a strategy and a design in line with the positioning of your brand image.

Our agency’s experience in the field of packaging will allow you to carry out your project in the best conditions. Our innovative solutions will allow you to stand out from the competition, to perform in terms of sales and to reach your objectives.

Habefast designs product packaging that will meet your needs, criteria and expectations so that your products have a strong impact on your future customers. The strategy set up within our agency will allow you to highlight your products through packaging but also through the implementation of a marketing strategy as well as the complete realization of your communication supports.