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Do you have difficulty structuring the various applications you receive? Is it difficult for your HR department to keep track of your employees’ vacancies? You don’t have a tool to manage your expense reports? Do you want to set up tools to facilitate your recruitment or your daily HR management? We can help you select and implement HR digitalization tools.

Digital tools to facilitate your HR processes

The digitalization of companies is also valid in the field of Human Resources, which is also impacted. Companies are facing organizational changes as a result of this digitization. It is advisable for companies to follow this digitization for their Human Resources department, in order to optimize their approaches and processes. To achieve this objective, we accompany you from A to Z.

Our support process starts with an analysis and observation phase of your current processes and tools. We will then propose an action plan adapted to your needs and your organizational and HR context. We will help you select the tools that will be most effective for you. Thanks to our various teams of experts, we will then implement this action plan, depending on the tasks selected. For example, we will install in your company an ATS (Applicant Tracking System) or HRIS (Human Resources Information and Management System) software chosen thanks to our web teams and we will produce a video explaining it with our multimedia team specialized in digital transformation. Finally, we will set up, with our teams, an internal communication document to communicate on the implementation of the selected software as well as training if necessary.

Indeed, these human resources tools allow you to save time, especially on:

  • The publication of online announcements

  • The processing of applications

  • The interview phases

  • Sending answers to candidates

  • The integration of new employees into the company

  • Daily HR tasks (time sheet, holidays, payroll editing, expense report management, etc.)

  • The implementation of training and skills monitoring

  • Monitoring of annual objectives

In addition, these tools allow you to develop your employer brand, in particular by offering your candidates adapted and efficient recruitment processes. To know more about the employer brand, go to read our article “Why and how to communicate on your employer brand?”.

Also, your current employees will benefit because they will be at the heart of this digitalization. They will benefit from a centralized system to update their information or to propose their vacation periods.

Applicant Tracking System tools to facilitate your recruitments

Less than 20% of companies use these digital recruitment tools. They do without efficient software to simplify their recruitment. 

The Applicant Tracking System tools, or ATS, are implemented in companies to facilitate the recruitment of new talent. A large number of platforms are available and they offer various services. We can help you choose the most suitable platform and set it up. These platforms offer recruitment management software from A to Z. That is to say that you can put your job ads online, receive applications sorted upstream thanks to a filter system by the platform, and sort them in your turn easily. You will only meet in interview the candidates who correspond to your advertisement and your search. This avoids overloading your mailbox with candidates who are not very qualified for your search. This software simplifies and centralizes your procedures. You will give access to this software to the people concerned. You will also be able to respond to candidates in a standardized or personalized way directly on the platform. Once the candidate has been selected, you can then set up an onboarding strategy.

These ATS tools also promote your employer brand, as candidates receive professional follow-up on their applications.

Using HR Information Systems to facilitate HR on a daily basis

Once candidates are recruited, it is necessary to manage human resources on a daily basis. This HR management can also be digitized using Human Resources Information System tools, also known as HRIS. These tools simplify your day-to-day management, from payroll management to leave management to the management of your candidates’ skills and training.

Implementing an HRIS tool in your company has several advantages:

  • Simplifies HR management tasks and centralizes them on a single platform

  • Implies employees in HR processes, such as vacation requests

  • Saves time on HR processes

  • Reduces HR management costs and improves team productivity

  • Proposes a performance indicator tool

Implementing an HRIS tool therefore has two advantages: it facilitates the work of your HR department, but also facilitates the personal management of employees on their data and actions. It will therefore put your employer brand in the spotlight because you will optimize processes and employees will see the benefits.

So, we help you to implement these tools internally. Would you like to know more about these HR tools?
Contact us to discuss it.