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Are you wondering why your direct competitor appears 1st in the Google rankings? Would you like to make your website visible for keywords related to your sector of activity?

It’s important to understand that when a user enters a query in the Google search bar, Google selects the pages that best match the user’s query from all the sites on the internet. Google then assigns them a score, which determines their position in its results ranking. The role of an SEO strategy is therefore to optimise this score so that Google associates your web page with a good response for the web user and positions it at the very top of its rankings.

Would you like to improve your website’s ranking on Google? Find out how our SEO agency can help.

SEO (search engine optimization), definition

SEO, also known as natural referencing, is a digital marketing tool that enables you to optimise the positioning of your website pages on major search engines such as Google or Bing.

As the Google search engine is unable to judge the editorial quality of web pages, it assigns them a score by taking into account a number of ranking factors such as: semantic content, time spent by users, the number of redirect links to pages, etc. Google will then base this score on the number of redirect links it receives.

Google will then use this score to determine their ranking. In other words, this score awarded by Google reflects whether or not the content of your website corresponds to the answers that search engine users expect.

SEO is therefore a set of techniques that enable search engines to better understand the pages of your website, in order to position them at the top of its rankings. SEO is one of the pillars of a marketing strategy aimed at improving your company’s visibility on the internet.

With a dedicated SEO team, Habefast, our agency supports clients who see an opportunity to develop an online presence. We help them increase their digital visibility on transactional keywords related to their markets, enabling them to generate additional sales. Digitalizing your online business, by implementing an SEO strategy, has the potential to diversify your sources of revenue through the acquisition of new clients from the Internet, and to give you a better return on investment (ROI).

First on Google, the position that helps you build your reputation and acquire new customers

Competition between company websites is fierce for the top positions in the Google search engine rankings, and there are two main reasons for this: “90% of clicks are captured by the first Google page” and “70% of clicks are captured by the first 3 Google results“.

Being ranked in first position therefore has a major impact, as it enables you to attract the attention of all potential customers to your website, which in turn brings considerable benefits:

  • Leadership : stand out from the crowd

    Being the first result displayed gives your company an impression of authority and legitimacy. What’s more, Internet users tend to trust websites that are ranked highly by Google. This distinction allows you to establish a solid and credible brand image in your sector of activity, setting you significantly apart from your direct competitors.

  • Acquisition and conversion : attracting a qualified audience

    Users tend to click on the first results because they perceive these websites to be the most relevant and reliable. Being at the top of the search results for the right keywords will enable you to attract a qualified audience to your website, made up of Internet users who are receptive to your message, your services or your products. This generated traffic will then translate into increased conversion rates and growth in your online business.

Do you want to showcase your expertise and be recognized as a market leader by appearing in the top Google results? Our SEO agency can help you at every stage of your company’s digital transformation, from website creation to SEO strategy optimization.

The levers of an SEO strategy on search engines

Since search engines use complex algorithms to rank websites, you need to have a real understanding of search engine optimization (SEO) before you can take concrete actions to get your website to the top of the Google rankings.

SEO can be divided into two categories : on-page SEO and off-page SEO.

  • On-page SEO

    On-page SEO concerns actions taken directly on your website. Optimizing this area enables Google to understand the content of your web pages and associate them with user queries. When implementing an SEO strategy, you need to optimize the various levers: semantic content (title tags, featured snippets, semantic terms, etc.), HTML structuring, navigation and internal and external linking.

  • Off-page SEO

    Off-page SEO, also known as off-site SEO, refers to actions taken outside your website. This mainly involves placing your site on specialized directories such as Google Business profile (for local referencing), on social networks or on external sites with relevant themes. Having an off-page referencing strategy will enable Google to associate your site with a reference in its field. The more you are mentioned, the higher your online reputation will be, and the higher Google will rank you. Beware, however, that Google may penalize your presence on poor-quality sites.

As a SEO service provider, our SEO experts, web developers and website designers, and they can help you to optimize these different elements to improve your website’s ranking. There are various techniques you can use to develop a high-performance digital strategy. Our web and communications agency can support you and give you the benefit of its expertise in off-page and on-page optimization, so that you have a website that is valued by search engines.

SEO provider, our professional SEO services

Since every company wants to attract as much traffic as possible to its website, because every new visitor is a potential customer that you can convince after their visit, our SEO services offer you a concrete action plan to have a website that performs well on search engines.

  • Habefast Seo Agency Complete Prestation Picto Audit Seo


    We carry out SEO audits to understand the current state of our clients websites in terms of web referencing. This is a necessary step to identify any indexing, ranking or operational problems that need to be improved.

    Thanks to this audit, you will have a clear and global view of the possible technical optimisations, for example to reduce the loading time of your pages, to have indications of the number of non-indexed pages, broken internal links or missing page titles, etc.

    A SEO audit will therefore be the starting point for a digital marketing strategy that will define where to focus your efforts to improve the website’s overall performance.

    Find out how to implement a digital marketing strategy!

  • Habefast Seo Agency Complete Prestation Picto Ecosystem Analysis


    In order to give you the best possible advice on the SEO strategy to implement for your website, our work and recommendations are based on SEO analyses carried out by our specialists, known as “digital ecosystem analyses“.

    This means that we conduct a keyword research to reveal the relevant ones to use for your business. We analyse and list the most sought-after terms in your market. In this way, we can advise you, as precisely as possible, on the keywords to use depending on your activity, target customers, geolocation, etc.

    This SEO analysis will give you access to a complete list of the semantic field to be highlighted on your website, so that Google associates and enhances the content of your web pages with user queries in your domain.

    Would you like to discover the transactional keywords in your sector of activity? Contact us!

  • Habefast Seo Agency Complete Prestation Redesign Or Creation


    Optimizing natural referencing involves the very construction of the website and in particular the textual content it contains. The structure of your website is very important and must take into account a number of constraints, such as the keywords searched for by Internet users in your sector of activity. It is therefore essential to carry out a digital ecosystem analysis even before creating the site, to identify the semantic field in order to be able to define its tree structure, i.e. the central pages that should appear, the organisation of the sections, the links between each page and their content.

    Once the tree structure has been defined, the textual website content needs to be written, which can be a time-consuming task and requires expertise. If you entrust us with the design of your website, we can take care of writing all the pages.

    Finally, once all the pages have been written, we move on to the development stage, where our developers come in to put the website online.

    If you already have a website, our SEO agency can offer you complete SEO services by improving the content of the pages if it is not listed in the fist page of Google results.

    Do you already have a website and want to optimise it for SEO? Then get in touch!

SEO services, expertise of our web agency

Our SEO company, Habefast, has a team of experts who have received Hubspot Academy SEO certification. This recognition testifies to our commitment and expertise in the field of natural referencing. We are based in Nyon and have clients in Switzerland, from Lausanne to Geneva, via Fribourg and Neuchâtel. We support our customers in their digital transformation and provide search engine optimization services to conquer the top positions in Google search results. We aim to attract a qualified audience, propelling their online business to significant growth.

  • Habefast Seo Agency Web Expertise Picto Customized Approach


    We believe in a personalized approach for every client, because we understand that every business, market or sector has unique needs. So before we start, we carry out a thorough SEO audit of your website to identify opportunities for improvement in your area.

  • Habefast Seo Agency Web Expertise Picto Strategy


    Our professional SEO expertise enables us to implement effective on-page and off-page strategies. We optimise your site’s structure, semantic content, navigation and internal linking. We also develop a solid digital presence through link building and optimisation on social networks.

  • Habefast Seo Agency Web Expertise Picto Technology Watch


    We keep abreast of the latest trends in technical SEO solutions and adapt our approach accordingly. Our technological watch enables us to guarantee sustainable performance over time and to use the best tools available.

    Whether you’re a small local business or an international corporation, our SEO marketing services are made to help you achieve your goals of website traffic, online visibility, and online growth.

Free take-away to instantly boost your SEO

  1. Featured snippets should be representative and catchy

    Featured snippets are pieces of information about the content of web pages that appear on the Google results page when web users make a query. They are also the first point of contact between the user and your website.

    They are made up of a meta-title and a meta-description that present the content of your page to web users. They therefore need to be optimized so that they reflect and are faithful to the content of the web page, so that when visitors arrive on your site they are not disappointed and leave the page. Having snippets that are not representative of the content of the page leads to a high bounce rate (visitors who leave your page quickly) and this is an indicator to Google that your page does not correspond to what visitors are looking for. Having bad snippets will be the first cause of your site losing positions in the Google rankings.

    Also, it is important for SEO that the snippets contain the main keyword of the landing page to help Google understand which query your page belongs to. Finally, to ensure that users click on your web page from the results page, the snippets must be catchy.

  2. Optimize the content of your landing page for Google and the users

    The landing page’s content plays a pivotal role in the SEO strategy. To achieve excellence, it’s essential to refine and optimize the content creation for both search engines and users.

    It’s important to conduct in-depth research on relevant keywords and key phrases that align with your target audience’s search intent. That is the reason it is important to always start a SEO stragegy with a digital ecosystem analysis that will reveal the target keywords you should focus on while building your website and optimizing the web pages.

    When relevant keywords are incorporate into the body of your landing page, and this will improve the referencing of your pages on certain queries, and so enhance the page’s visibility in search results. Incorporating relevant keywords into the text of your page is also called semantic enrichment.

    About the language you use in the text, it is important to maintain a natural flow, avoiding keyword stuffing that can harm the rankings. For this reason, craft engaging, informative, and valuable content that resonates with your visitors. Relevant content not only keeps users on your page longer but also signals to Google that your website is authoritative and worth ranking higher.

    That is also why it’s also important to monitor competitor research on specific queries, to understand what kind of information visitors are searching online. By providing solutions and directly answering questions, you address your visitors’ needs, which, in turn, will increase user satisfaction and retention. Aim to be the go-to resource in your industry, and you’ll see positive impacts on organic search traffic.

    Finally, breaking up the text of the landing page into smaller paragraphs and utilizing subheadings to improve readability conduct to a well-structured page, that makes it easier for both users and search engine crawlers to navigate and understand the content.

    Need a digital ecosystem analyses before starting writing website content ? Contact us !

  3. Redirections and internal networking for SEO consistancy

    Implementing proper 301 redirects for outdated or moved pages is crucial. This ensures that both users and search engines are guided to the most relevant and updated content, preventing frustrating dead-ends and preserving valuable link equity.

    Additionally, internal networking within your website creates a strong foundation for digital success. Building a well-structured web of interlinked pages allows users and search engine crawlers to navigate your content seamlessly. This strategic approach not only enhances user experience but also provides search engines with a clear understanding of your site’s hierarchy and relevance.

  4. Images contribute too the referencing of your website

    When it comes to SEO, images can be optimized to enhance your website’s visibility in organic search results. Here’s some standard rules to respect, in order that that the images contribute to the referencing of your site:

    1. Image Alt Tags: Every image on your website should have an alt tag (alternative text). Alt tags provide a description of the image content for search engines since they cannot “see” images like humans can. Optimizing alt tags with relevant keywords and descriptive phrases helps search engines understand the context and relevance of the images, improving your overall SEO.
    2. Image File Names: Before uploading images to your website, rename the image files to include descriptive keywords. Meaningful file names help search engines identify the image’s content and further reinforce the context of the page where the image is used.
    3. Image Size and Compression: Large image files can slow down your website’s loading speed, which negatively impacts user experience and SEO. Compress and optimize images without compromising quality to ensure your site loads quickly and efficiently.
  5. Responsiveness of your website, Mobile first and user experience

    By adopting a “Mobile First” approach, you’ll not only cater to the growing number of mobile users but also enhance your site’s overall performance and SEO.

    One of the primary strategies for achieving mobile responsiveness is embracing the power of responsive web design. This approach allows your website to dynamically adjust its layout and elements to fit different screen sizes. Whether users access your site on a smartphone, tablet, or desktop, it will seamlessly adapt to provide a user-friendly experience. This fluidity eliminates the need for separate mobile and desktop versions, streamlining maintenance and ensuring consistency across all devices.

    Next ones to consider are images and media that play a significant role in user engagement, but they can also impact loading times, especially on mobile devices. To maintain a swift loading experience, it is essential to optimize images by compressing them without sacrificing quality. By minimizing file sizes, you enhance your website’s loading page speed and contribute to a positive user experience. Remember that when users encounter a fast-loading site with appealing visuals, they are more likely to stay engaged and explore further.

    Mobile-friendly navigation is another critical aspect of achieving mobile responsiveness. Navigating a website on a mobile device requires ease and simplicity. Implement mobile-friendly navigation menus that are easy to access and use with a single tap or swipe. And avoiding clutter and excessive submenus, makes it effortless for users to explore your website and find what they need without frustration. A smooth navigation experience enhances user satisfaction and encourages them to stay longer on your website which will lead to improve your positions on the Google rankings.

    It’s also important to consider the touch interface of mobile devices when designing buttons and interactive elements. Ensure they are appropriately sized, well-spaced, and easy to tap with fingers of varying sizes. Avoid placing buttons too close together to prevent accidental taps and improve overall user satisfaction. An intuitive touch-friendly web design eliminates barriers to interaction and creates a more enjoyable browsing experience.

    Finally, the key to a successful mobile responsiveness strategy is thorough testing. Test your website across a range of devices, including different smartphone models, tablets, and even older devices. Moreover, ensure compatibility with various browsers to guarantee a consistent and flawless performance for all users. Regular testing and optimization will help you identify and address any potential issues, making certain that your website performs at its best on any device, providing a seamless and enjoyable experience for your visitors.

    Go responsive with a Mobil First approach. Contact us !

  6. Social networks, last but not least

    Social media marketing and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) are two powerful elements that can work hand in hand to enhance your online presence and drive meaningful engagement. Social networks, with their vast user bases and dynamic content sharing capabilities, can significantly impact your SEO efforts.

    When you invest time in creating valuable and shareable content on your website or blog, social networks serve as a powerful tool to amplify its reach. As users engage with and share your content across various platforms, it sends signals to Google that your content is relevant and valuable. This positive user interaction and engagement can have a significant impact on SEO, potentially leading to improved rankings in search results. The more your content resonates with your audience and garners social media shares, the greater the chances of increasing your website’s visibility and attracting organic traffic.

    Note that when users engage with your content and share it on social media, it can generate valuable backlinks to your website. Backlinks are essential for building domain authority and credibility in your industry, factors that search engines do consider when determining search result rankings. Moreover, increased brand visibility through social media can lead to more mentions and citations, further contributing to your website’s authority and trustworthiness in the eyes of search engines.

    When users perceive your brand as trustworthy, they are more likely to rely on your expertise, which can influence their decision-making process. This, in turn, can drive organic traffic to your website, as users are drawn to credible and reliable sources.

    For businesses with a physical presence or catering to specific geographic areas, social media profiles play a vital role in local SEO. Optimizing your social media profiles with accurate and consistent business information, such as address, phone number, and business hours, is crucial for local search rankings. Platforms like Google My Business are essential in providing search engines with local signals, helping them understand your business’s relevance and proximity to users searching for products or services in your area.

    By incorporating relevant keywords, consistent branding elements, and valuable content into your social media profiles, you can ensure that users get accurate and enticing information about your brand, helping to reinforce your brand image and message. Finally, social media content that aligns with users’ search intent can attract an audience that may not have found your website through traditional search engine queries. Leveraging social media as a discovery channel allows you to tap into new audiences and expand your reach beyond conventional SEO strategies.

    SEO services cost not only time and optimization to unlock your digital potential, it also demands strategic overview to propel your online success. But once you applied those tips, you will directly see impacts : higher search rankings, more traffic, and a thriving online presence.

SEO services cost not only time and optimization to unlock your digital potential, it also demands strategic overview to propel your online success. But once you applied those tips, you will directly see impacts : higher search rankings, more traffic, and a thriving online presence.

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