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Do you want to enhance the presence of your products at the point of sale? Do you want to effectively display your products to attract customers at first glance? The implementation of a merchandising strategy can be the solution. Our global communication agency will help you to showcase your brand’s products and increase their visibility.

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Why implement a merchandising campaign?

Merchandising is a method that consists in optimizing the presentation of products in a defined space in order to attract the attention of consumers. A merchandising campaign can take the form of a graphic creation for a stand or the creation of innovative graphic supports for certain events. Our graphic artists and designers will assist you with graphic creations, according to your commercial strategy and visual communication.

This also refers to point-of-sale advertising (POS) as the setting up of a front display for your company. This corresponds to the installation of furniture in a shop or point of sale, cardboard boxes or displays, which will give your visual identity and creative advertising messages to present your company’s products. We can also add touch terminals for an interactive and playful presentation of your products.

The space design includes all the elements of merchandising by thinking them according to your visual identity, your graphic charter, your products and your objectives. Your visual identity must be highlighted and the supports created must stand out at first glance. The key word is therefore innovation and the effectiveness of your supports to obtain quality visual merchandising. The design and especially the strategy will be different if you choose a campaign in a supermarket or grocery store for example. For this, qualitative and quantitative studies can be carried out in order to maximize your sales and set up an adequate commercial architecture. The areas most inclined to use this merchandising are beauty and cosmetics, they represent about 1/3 of the demand, followed by food and textiles.

As for a store front, the spaces on the points of sale must give a first impactful impression on your products. The objective is to attract customers to your particular space to trigger the act of buying while improving the customer experience and meeting customer expectations. It is then necessary to be attractive at first glance and to highlight your competitive advantage according to certain merchandising techniques.

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Our support

Once the brand strategy has been defined and your company’s consulting carried out, we will support you in the conception, design, production, printing and delivery of all the materials required for your merchandising operation. Upstream, we can help you with the packaging of your products. We guarantee the implementation of your project until the end of your merchandising operation. Our mission: to increase your conversion rate, build customer loyalty through distributors and increase sales of your products.

Our team, composed of merchandising specialists, graphic designers and a dedicated project manager, is at your service to imagine designs that correspond to your company’s values and the key messages you want to convey during the campaign. They create all the elements necessary for graphic and space design while respecting your company’s visual identity and brand concepts.

Our marketing and communication agency has experience in merchandising and space design campaigns in several fields of activity, do not hesitate to contact us if you need more information.

Setting up a merchandising operation is:

  • Increase your visibility in stores or supermarkets.

  • Attract the eye and the attention of consumers during events.

  • Be attractive at first glance.

  • Show your competitive advantage