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Do you want to make your website more visible on search engines? Do you want to achieve your SEO strategy? Our SEO agency helps you define and implement your strategy.

Google Partner certified agency

What are the benefits of working with a Google Certified Partner Agency?

  • They already have the experience

    In order to qualify for Google Partner status, it is necessary to spend high monthly amounts. With this level of training and experience, a Google Partners agency will know Google Ads much better than an agency that doesn’t and will be able to produce a proven campaign to get the best results for your business.

  • Google Partners keep up to date with product and market developments

    The digital marketing industry is constantly evolving. New technologies and trends arise almost every day. When you work with a Google partner, agencies need to be trained to stay on top of the latest trends. 

  • They communicate directly to Google

    Google Partners have access to a Google Account Manager who can be contacted directly to help resolve any issues or concerns. For example, if you have an error on one of your ads, it can be resolved very quickly.

  • Google Ads partners provide excellent service and are results-driven.

    To maintain their accreditation, Google Partners must provide a high level of service based on Google’s standards.

  • They have access to the latest features of the beta version

    By working with a Google partner agency, you can implement and test new features and tools being developed by Google that have not yet been made available to the public. Partners can test and use features for a year or more before they are made available to anyone else, which means exclusive access to beta features that can be implemented on your campaigns and give you the edge over your competitors.

  • They are constantly testing and evolving

    Google’s partners must demonstrate best practices and ongoing testing to improve their skills. This includes actively testing ads, using multiple ads per campaign group, targeting different audiences, etc. in order to achieve the best possible results for their customers.

What differentiates us from other Google Ads agencies

Habefast is one of the few agencies in French-speaking Switzerland to be certified Google Partner. If you wish to set up an Ads campaign or if you need information about Google campaigns, do not hesitate to contact us, our experts will be happy to inform you.

Discover our Google Ads services

Why use Google Ads campaigns?

 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine request. The first page of results captures 91% of clicks and 74% of Internet users don’t even visit the second page. To appear on this first page of results is therefore the objective to reach in order to develop its visibility and maximize visits to your website.

There are two ways of appearing in the first results of search engines – including Google, which has recorded 3.3 billion queries every day in the world in 2018 – and achieving this visibility objective. The first way is to work hard on your website’s natural referencing. The referencing (or SEO – Search Engine Optimization) of a website designates its position in the results of a search engine. The better a site is referenced, the higher it reaches in the search results and therefore maximizes its chances of being visited. It is the construction of the site itself and the textual content of the pages that determine the good referencing of the site and its dynamism compared to those of your competitors. Depending on your sector of activity and your online presence objectives, SEO is therefore a necessary work. This is why it is important to perform an SEO analysis of your site in order to define the possible improvements to be made. An SEO audit will identify the criteria and the context in which you wish to be referenced. However, it requires an investment of time and in-depth expertise, as it depends on the criteria of the search engine algorithms. The results of SEO are not immediately visible: attracting a large and regular targeted traffic is the result of a rigorous and regular work.

It is at this point that the paid referencing or SEA (Search Engine Advertising) intervenes in particular via Google Ads campaigns. Indeed, a good referencing of your website will be even more important at certain moments in the life of your company such as the launch of a new product or service, the search for levers to develop your turnover, a special promotion, a commercial operation, etc. During these precise moments, you will need a little extra to develop the visibility of your website and drain a maximum of traffic on your site.

Google Ads, how does it work?

Google advertising campaigns are a complement to natural referencing. They allow you to boost traffic at a given time, in a defined region and to capture a qualitative audience – receptive to your brand message, allowing you to be present in Google search results on keywords on which you are not naturally optimally referenced. A Google Ads campaign aims to target the Internet users most receptive to your message, according to their activity on Google.

Given Google’s significant presence in the digital world – 90.6% of the world market share in 2018 – the Google Ads interface is not limited to the search network. It also makes it possible to create campaigns on a large number of sites belonging to its network, including in particular the YouTube social network, and many other sites.

  • Ads on the search network

    Your advertisement will appear at the top of Google search results on keywords previously selected according to your business sector and your objectives. This ensures visibility for targeted keywords and thus maximizes traffic to your website.

  • Display ads

    Display ads are graphic ads that are displayed on the Google Display network. According to a precise targeting based on your product or service, these ads aim to bring more potential customers to your website.

  • YouTube Video Ads

    It is possible to broadcast a video ad on YouTube according to a targeting in accordance with your activity. It is an effective way to highlight your company or one of your products and capture the attention of Internet users through an impactful format.

  • Application promotion

    These ads work in the same way as graphic ads but the network is only focused on mobile applications, in order to promote them.

Depending on your objectives, your budget and your business sector, it is important to determine the type of ads that will be most suitable. If the settings are optimal, each of them is a very effective way to reach your audience and convince new users.

Do you want to set up a Google Ads campaign? Discover our presentation video on the SEA concept.

Habefast accompanies you and advises you in your Google Ads campaigns

  1. The Google Ads expertise of Habefast

    Conduct a campaign on Google Ads from A to Z requires a mastery of the platform and the different advertising formats available. An optimal configuration of a Google Ads campaign is essential to achieve the objectives set in accordance with a precise budget. For this, each step is important, from the selection of the type of ad and the definition of targeting to the analysis of performance.

    To be really effective, a campaign requires regular and deep monitoring: a Google Ads campaign is intended to be adjusted during its course, in order to effectively reach the target audience. Within our SEO agency, we offer you a complete support starting with an SEO audit of your site, through the development of your Google Ads campaigns, from the implementation to the analysis of results.

  2. The analysis of the context and the objectives for an optimal campaign set up

    Before the launch of a campaign, we analyze the context in which your company is located as well as the objectives set in the more or less long term (promotion of a new product, increase of registrations on your website, development of your notoriety, etc.).

    Using various tools, we also analyze the digital potential of the market in which you find yourself compared to your competitors. We can advise you on which type of campaigns to focus on according to a very precise targeting. This step is crucial because this choice has a strong impact on the efficiency of the campaign.

  3. A complete follow-up of the campaign

    From the choice of media for your campaign to the monitoring and implementation of Google recommendations thanks to our Google referrers, our digital communication agency Habefast accompanies you in your Google Ads campaign. We offer you a real culture of results and return on investment.

  4. A coupled SEO and SEA service

    In addition to the management of paid campaigns, we offer you our expertise in natural referencing thanks to an upfront SEO analysis of your site. We recommend working in parallel with paid search engine optimization in order to maximize your presence on the first page of Google results at a lower cost. This work allows you to keep your site in top position and thus attract quality traffic.

Google Ads: frequently asked questions

How does Google Ads work?

Companies define keywords that are strategic to their products or services and bid for the keywords. They will then compete with other advertisers targeting the same keywords.

The bids you set are the highest bids. They represent the highest price you are willing to pay for your ads.

There are 3 bidding options:

  • Cost per click (CPC): amount you pay when a user clicks on your ad.
  • Cost per thousand impressions (CPM): amount you paid for 1,000 ad impressions.
  • Cost per interaction (CPE): amount you pay when a user performs a specific action on your a specific action on your ad.

If you wish, you can set a maximum daily budget for your ads. Your daily spend will never exceed the amount set for a given ad. This way, you can better understand the budget of your digital advertising campaign. 

Why use Google Ads?

  • Improve your positioning on Google: You can choose according to your budget and that of your competitors to appear in the very first results of the SERP.
  • Have a simple and immediate ROI: Thanks to Google Ads you can easily measure the results of your advertising campaigns thanks to data such as the click rate, the number of conversions etc.
  • A payment after the click: You can choose a bidding system that allows you to pay only when a user achieves the expected goal: click on your link … So you don’t spend money unnecessarily.
  • Expand your audience: Improving your position thanks to Ads campaigns in the Google search engine which is the most used engine in the world is a considerable asset to reach a larger audience.
  • Be autonomous in the management of your campaigns: Thanks to Google Adwords you can make all the modifications you want for your campaigns.

What is Ads?

There are 5 steps to create a campaign:

  1. Define the objective of the campaign: Google Ads will offer you different types of campaigns according to your objectives so that you make the campaign that best suits your needs.
  2. Select the type of campaign that suits you
  3. Target your Google Ads
  4. Choose the budget of your campaign: Determine a daily budget for your campaign which corresponds to the maximum amount that your ads will cost you each day and which can be modified at any time. When the budget is reached, your ads will automatically stop until the next day.
  5. Create your campaign ads

There will be different parameters depending on the type of campaign you have chosen: a search campaign will require you to define keywords