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You want to create an intranet site? You already have an intranet site and would like to improve it? You wish to create a centralized and organized workspace for your employees?

What is the intranet?

Intranet: the corporate network

An intranet site is a company-owned network available anywhere in the world if it is hosted in the cloud. It allows employees of a company to centralize information and resources in one place. In other words, an intranet is the private, secure and internal website of a company.

This tool is particularly necessary for companies with mobile or geographically dispersed employees as well as for companies with several establishments.

It allows to:

  • to inform
  • to organize
  • to bring together
  • to share
  • to exchange and transmit documents and data

Difference intranet/extranet

Intranet and extranet are secure http networks that use the same technology but have different purposes.

An extranet, unlike an internet network, is not only internal to a company. It also shares information with external people. If an intranet allows the sharing of information between collaborators of the same company, the extranet allows to have an information system with external partners such as customers, suppliers, etc.

The departments of a company that use the intranet

  • Management and finance

    Budget, reporting, accounting, procedures, etc.

  • Marketing and sales

    Catalog, sales, customer relationship management and network animation.

  • Communication

    News, press review, newspaper, identity and agenda.

  • Company's business

    Process, production statistics, business knowledge management.

  • Human resources

    Directory, organization chart, company life, online training and call center.

  • IT

    Meta directory, hotline, projects.

  • General means

    Site directories, purchasing.

What are the advantages of an intranet site?

The intranet helps to create a cooperative work group, promotes communication within the company and optimizes productivity. It makes it possible to homogenize data by centralizing it and improves the treatment processes and access to information.

In the digital age, this tool seems indispensable for companies. It improves communication and information sharing within the company, while allowing the formalization of processes that can have a positive impact on the organization and profitability of the company.

In concrete terms, intranet tools offer the possibility of implementing various functionalities in order to promote internal communication and exchange between employees from different departments. Among these functionalities are:

Partie blog, partage news récurrentes

  • Blog section, share regular news

    Industry news, news about company projects, HR news.

" Our talents "

  • Testimonials

    Videos of managers, short interviews or highlights of employees (their job, their best project, memories …).

Let’s Develop Your Talent

  • Formations

    List of upcoming training courses, classic contact form to register for a training course, short videos of previous training courses and feedback, e-learning modules.

Corporate life section

  • Organization chart

    To help new recruits find their way around. Or a page with employees organized by department. Each employee will fill in his or her first name, last name and title.

  • Internal calendar

    To book meeting rooms if this is a problem in the company.

  • Internal calendar

    Global view of birthdays, internal events, but also validated employee vacations .

  • HR questionnaire

    Quarterly sending of a quick HR questionnaire with 5 to 10 questions concerning the employees’ feelings or their suggestions to energize the company.

  • Polls

    Creation of quick polls, for example to anticipate the number of attendees at an event or to collect opinions on a subject.

  • Birthday notification and internal events

  • Photos and videos of internal events

Also, the implementation of an intranet site improves transparency in the organization of work and project management with visibility on the progress of certain projects.

Even if several establishments can be linked by a public network, the network’s coding makes it inaccessible via the Internet. This makes it possible to protect user data and access content from anywhere in the world.

Thanks to its rationalized structure, the intranet site is a truly effective solution for accessing information from a company’s computer system in the universal Web format.

Last but not least, the intranet can be used and provide added value in all business sectors.

Why create your intranet site with Habefast web agency?

With a long experience in the creation of web platforms turnkey (internet site, intranet site, extranet site, applications), our web agency Habefast puts its technical skills and a project manager at your disposal and accompanies you in the realization of your intranet site. Thanks to our consulting experts, we will help you to increase your productivity, but also to improve your internal communication.

Because our web designers wish to provide you with the best tools, we propose you to take advantage of a centralized management tool for your internal teams. It will allow you to optimize the organization and classification of your data, but also to receive information directly from your employees.

For us, project rhymes with quality. In order to offer you this quality support, we will study your company and its activity, but also your needs and objectives.

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