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Do you want to make your first experience in web applications? Do you want to create a web application but you don’t understand the difference between mobile applications and traditional websites? Our web agency provides you with a web developer, a web designer and a project manager who will accompany you in the development of web applications while making an analysis of your company’s needs.

What is a web application?

Accessible by anyone, anywhere, at any time.

We accompany you in the design and development of your web application according to the needs of your users.

The principle of a web application is that it is accessible in the same way on a desktop as on a mobile phone or tablet, and this thanks to web browsers. This web application will not be transformed into a mobile application but will be accessible on your smartphone thanks to the responsiveness technique. It is a question of adapting sites or applications developed on the web to mobile phones. A responsive site with an adapted ergonomics will have more chances to be visited and appreciated by Internet users. Unlike a mobile application, it is not necessary to download a web application. Indeed, it is enough to access the URL thanks to browsers, and this, on desktop, mobile or tablet.

A web application can manage a variety of content such as text, photos and videos, and the service it offers is available 24 hours a day. Web applications can be found on public networks such as the Internet and on private networks such as the intranet of a company or a school. The web application is installed in a single location on a physical server, allowing for easy and efficient maintenance and technical support. In addition, the data is secured and backed up automatically. Also, updates are automatic and simplified, which brings a real added value to web applications.

The service at the heart of the web application

The specifications related to these web technologies that really matter in their implementation is the notion of service. It is true that the application is not an informative platform, as websites or mobile applications can be. As part of a complete project management, we help you define your needs upstream and set up a web application with services and a user interface compatible with your offer, internally or for your customers. A web application delivers a service over a network, which is why it contains little developed content. It is rather the interaction with the user that is emphasized. The creation of this web application must help you in your daily tasks and must be a real tool.

A valuable web application for your company and your customers

There are different types of web applications. They can be for your company internally, for your customers or both.
In any case, we will help you optimize and improve the user experience of these.

A web application to facilitate your processes

The internal use of a web application can prove to be a considerable time saver. We will target with you the elements that can be used for your web application in order to optimize your internal processes. A well-designed web application can save you time. It can facilitate interaction and communication between the different departments of your company, for example through push notifications. In addition, development tools allow a simplified exchange of files and data. Finally, creating a web application allows you to avoid server incompatibilities, a concern to which web sites are more exposed.

A web application for your customers

If you want to develop a web application for your customers, data exchanges will also be facilitated. For example, an online hotel reservation platform is a web application; it is generally more intuitive easier to use than websites. New functionalities allow you to create an application with a subscription and geolocation system, where your customers will simply have to identify themselves and pay a defined subscription fee to access your services.

A tailor-made application

Making your web application attractive

Thanks to our development agency Habefast, we accompany you in your project from beginning to end, i.e. from the understanding of your needs, to the implementation of your web application. Our mission: to create your application to measure and to your image, while integrating functional services in order to meet your needs and those of your customers. We make it a point of honor to create attractive and easy-to-access web applications, websites and mobile applications. Our developers and web designers accompany you during all the steps of the creation. We will also propose solutions adapted to your needs and that respect your visual identity.

The advantage of applications is that they are highly customizable, with many possibilities. This is why we will bring our expertise to offer you an attractive and functional application, notably thanks to a technology watch and our dedicated IT department.

Our support to develop your web application

We make ourselves available to discuss your project together, in order to propose optimal and efficient solutions. We ensure the management of your web application development project, thanks to our expert teams. Our teams of web designers will help you find the ideal and functional web design, adapted to your needs, while our web developers will be there to give life to your web application, and deploy it in the best conditions. But our service does not stop at this stage, because we can set up for you analysis tools to restore the important data in the implementation of a web application.

Our agency has a real results-oriented culture and we want to share the benefits of your project with you. This will also be used to adapt this web application according to the results obtained.

Whether it is a web application for your internal teams or for your customers, we can then help you in the communication strategy and SEO for this web application, so that its use is optimal.