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Do you want to present your products or services in an efficient and innovative way? You do not necessarily have a staff member 100% dedicated to your content strategy? Develop an editorial strategy that is perfectly in line with your global strategy!

The challenges of content marketing

Content marketing, what is it?

Editorial marketing, or content marketing, is a marketing discipline that aims to produce and distribute informative media content to consumers and prospects in order to develop a brand’s business. In a nutshell, it is about producing interesting content to attract the attention of prospects. Content marketing therefore has an informative, even playful purpose: it is about communicating about the brand’s universe, and moving away from classic advertising communication.

Broadening your brand’s communication media means giving you the means to reach your interlocutors in a global way, and this content can be extremely varied (white papers, brochures, computer graphics, etc.). This is why it is easy to miss out on all the opportunities that a brand can develop through editorial marketing, by focusing only on one type of content. At Habefast, we believe that the more global and coherent a strategy is, the more effective it is. We encourage you to develop your editorial marketing actions on a large number of distribution networks, following a carefully defined editorial line.

Creating a brand universe

Content marketing aims to distinguish itself from traditional advertising. The aim is to set the scene more broadly and to place the brand in a global perspective. For example, a bakery franchise may be interested in producing informative content about the bread-making process or a documentary about baking traditions around the world. In this way, a universe is created around the brand and its identity is reinforced, thanks to a coherent editorial charter. It’s a good idea to enter into a storytelling logic in order to engage in a real conversation with your interlocutors: the brand universe takes on a new, more accessible dimension.

Content marketing objectives

We distinguish several objectives for an editorial marketing campaign or content marketing campaign, which can be complementary. The richness of these objectives is an additional reason to invest in an editorial strategy.

  • Giving your brand exposure

    As part of the definition of a global brand strategy, investing in editorial marketing meets the objective of brand exposure: if your brand is anchored in a coherent universe, it will be more visible and stronger.

  • Displaying expertise on the brand universe by delivering expert informative content

    Editorial marketing is a way to differentiate yourself from the competition by displaying your expertise on your company’s sector. By creating and delivering informative and entertaining content, you adopt an expert stance and develop a positive brand image. It’s all about showing that you know what you’re talking about, and talking about it in the right way.

  • Create traffic and improve the natural referencing of your website

    The natural referencing of your website corresponds to its position in the search results of a search engine: the better your referencing, the more visible your website is and therefore more likely to be visited. The optimization of this referencing (SEO) goes through the creation of quality content: editorial marketing. Thanks to content marketing, you can attract traffic to your website.

Habefast offers you its expertise in editorial marketing

  • The different supports of editorial marketing

    Content marketing can be delivered through a variety of media, each with different benefits. At Habefast, we help you to realize effective, audacious and creative communication supports.

    Print editorial marketing

    Although today the privileged field of content marketing is the internet, print media are important to reach a certain audience. This is particularly the case for brochures and computer graphics, which can be distributed physically or by post.

    Web editorial marketing

    Nowadays, editorial marketing is more present on the internet. From your website to the different social networks, everything you broadcast on the internet has an impact on your brand image. There are many different web media: website, press releases, newsletters, blogs, white papers – these are all opportunities to deliver an original and coherent brand message.

    The notion of SEO must be taken into account for web media: the web writing process is very specific and has a great influence on the visibility and notoriety of your company.

  • Habefast advises you in your editorial strategy.

    From the definition of your marketing and editorial strategy to its implementation, our strategy consulting agency Habefast accompanies you. 

    Target definition

    The first step of your editorial strategy is to define your target: who do you want to reach with your campaign? For whom is the content you will develop aimed at? Our marketing experts will help you define this target, in order to set up the most effective campaign possible. 

    The search of content ideas

    To stand out from the competition, your editorial content must be original and punchy: you must carry a message that will impress your readers. Our editors and editorial managers will help you find the most relevant content for your brand. 

    Content creation

    As much for the editorial department as for the graphic or audiovisual production, our experts will create the content of your editorial marketing campaign for you. Our creative studio and our photo and video studio Lakeprod work together to provide you with the best result. 

    Content distribution

    We offer you the best means of distribution for your campaign, so that your brand gains visibility and notoriety. We regularly set up digital marketing campaigns and therefore have extensive experience in this field. 

    Monitoring of the results

    Our mission continues with the analysis of the campaign results and recommendations for optimization. We adapt your editorial marketing campaigns in real time, to achieve your goals efficiently.

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