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Do you want to create a website that enhances the user experience and makes a lasting impression on the Internet? Habefast helps you to realize your project and to work on these fundamental aspects.

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The user interface - developing the ergonomics of your website.

To judge the ergonomics of a website, we generally base ourselves on several criteria:

  • Sobriety

    A clear and refined site will encourage visitors to discover your site. It is a question of finding the desired information as quickly and simply as possible. Our team of web designers makes sure at each step of the process of the sobriety of the site, in order to maximize the comprehension and the accessibility of the information by the Net surfers.

  • Readability

    The textual content of a website must respect a fairly precise construction, to ensure a comfortable reading experience for Internet users. On average, reading time on a screen takes 25% longer than on paper. The text of your website must therefore be clear, structured and organized in coherent sections. Habefast can write the texts of your website or guide you in the writing, in order to optimize the reading.

  • Usability

    An Internet user must be able to navigate easily on your website: we often talk about the three-click rule, which stipulates that all information must be accessible in three clicks maximum. In addition, the user must be able to return to the home page from any page, in order to offer real freedom of navigation. In concrete terms, this means, for example, a clickable logo, which allows the user to return to the home screen, and the integration of a search engine.

  • Speed

    An Internet user seeks information that interests him or her quickly and expects a site to be able to respond to this kind of need. Therefore, the speed at which your pages load must be optimized, as well as the loading of images. According to the latest Amazon report, one second of waiting on a website is equivalent to a 10% chance that the Internet user will leave the site and therefore not proceed with the purchase or contact.

  • Responsiveness

    Today, about 60% of websites are visited on mobile or tablet computers. It is therefore important that your site is adapted to a different screen format than that of a computer. A responsive site gives a clean and modern image of a company. All the sites we develop at Habefast are responsive mobile and tablet. In 2018, Google launches Mobile First: this is a change in the referencing of websites, whereby priority is given to mobile responsive sites. In other words, a mobile non-responsive site is unlikely to appear in the first Google search results.

  • Interactivity

    This criterion actually covers two dimensions: the interactivity between the pages of your website (it should be easy to move from one page to another, with cross-links) and the interactivity with your company. Internet users must be able to contact you without difficulty.

  • Universality of access

    Any Internet user, even with a disability, must be able to access your website. Certain dimensions must be taken into account to ensure that this criterion is respected. The formats used must be accessible in text mode – HTML mode is often favored for example.
    Moreover, all images must be provided with alternate text. The choice of colors and contrasts must be chosen judiciously, so that the texts are readable by any visitor (even color-blind for example). Finally, the size of the fonts must be adjustable to make reading more comfortable, even over time. As you will have understood, nothing is left to chance in the design of a website: each button, each tab must be placed in the optimal location, to ensure ease of use and accessibility to your visitors.

Habefast Services Ergonomics Of Your Website User Interface Criteria 01
Habefast Services Ergonomics Of Your Website User Interface Criteria 02

The user experience, what is it?

  • UX, an emotional experience

    The user experience – UX, de user experience – aims at qualifying the feeling of a user in front of a man-machine interface: in our case, we are interested in the user interface of a website. We leave the pragmatic domain to enter the emotional domain. This means that we can never accurately predict the reaction of an Internet user visiting a website. The goal is to create the most pleasant and memorable experience possible, so that the emotions felt by the Internet user are only positive. The stakes behind the design of the user experience are very important: the feeling linked to the visit of a website often conditions the feeling towards the brand and the values of a company. The design of a website has every interest in giving a large place to this user experience: we can even say that UX design is at the heart of the construction of an aesthetic and efficient website.

  • UX, UI, what's the difference?

    Between user experience (UX) and user interface (UI), the boundaries are sometimes thin. The user interface – ergonomics, usability – aims to make a website easy to use for the Internet user: information must be easily accessible, just as the objectives of visiting a site must be fulfilled without difficulty. User experience, on the other hand, relates to the user’s satisfaction before, during and after his visit: in simple terms, the goals of UX design are achieved if the visit to the website makes the user satisfied. The ergonomics of a website can therefore be measured quite easily: optimal page loading speed, three-click rule – all information must be accessible in three clicks maximum, accessibility for disabled users, etc. Conversely, the user experience is much more subjective and specific to almost every user. Nevertheless, we cannot oppose UI and UX head-on, as the two notions are complementary: the ergonomics of a website undoubtedly contributes to the quality of the user experience.

  • The stakes of the user experience.

    The user experience requires more effort than the development of the user interface, but it also gives more impactful results. Indeed, a well-exploited user experience can clearly strengthen the relationship between the user and the brand and thus have a strong positive impact on a company’s brand image. In other words, the more the user experience is taken into account and developed, the more likely it is that the time spent on the page, the rate of return on the page as well as the conversion rate of visits will be high

  • Our ergonomics and user experience specialists

    Our team of website design experts includes ergonomists and user experience specialists who will be able to give your website a unique and original touch. They will be able to advise you in order to create the website that suits you.

The Habefast web agency helps you develop an optimal user experience

The user experience is a dimension that should not be neglected when designing a website. Nevertheless, it requires a certain expertise in different areas: web design, web development and marketing. It is about anticipating and satisfying the needs of the average user, without standardizing the experience too much. At Habefast, the 360° communication agency, we have experts in these different domains and can advise and accompany you in the whole conception of your website. We carry out the audit of your finalized site and perform technical tests to optimize the different dimensions of the user experience. In addition, we have the possibility to carry out surveys on the quality of the user experience of your website. We will make sure that each visit to your website is an unforgettable experience, which can enhance your business and create brand loyalty.

Ergonomics issues

We measure the quality of a user’s visit to a website using three data: the time spent on the site, the proportion of return visits (second visit) and the conversion rate of visits.


    The more time Internet users spend on your site, the more likely you are to convince them and get them to integrate your brand message and values. All the usability criteria aimed at optimizing the user interface are intended to maximize the amount of time a user spends on your site.


    It is one thing to get users to come back to your site once, it is another to get them to come back. This is why the rate of second visits to your site is an essential criterion: it measures the attractiveness and richness of your site. Moreover, if a user chooses to come back to your site, you increase your chances of convincing them. This means that their first visit has been conclusive.


    The last criterion is surely the most interesting for your organization: the conversion rate corresponds to the proportion of users who have made a purchase or have contacted you after a visit.

    Habefast web design department is composed of several experts in ergonomics: they will be able to offer you an original and ergonomic site, for a fluent and easy use.

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Denis BurdetDenis Burdet
09:41 24 Jun 24
Super expérience avec l'équipe Habefast dans le cadre de la refonte de notre plateforme en ligne trOOdi.ch !Proactive et précise, l'équipe a vraiment été à notre écoute tout au long du projet et a su nous accompagner avec bienveillance.J'avais déjà vécu une très bonne expérience dans le cadre d'un autre mandat de branding relatif à l'identité visuelle de la marque Terre Vaudoise.
Yannick GrivelYannick Grivel
18:03 08 May 24
Le Triathlon de Nyon collabore avec Habefast depuis plusieurs années pour différents éléments. En 2024, ils sont refait intégralement notre site internet. Ils développement également la ligne graphique de chaque édition qui sont toujours originales et de qualité. Le suivi, la qualité et la rapidité d'exécution ou de réponse à nos demandes sont à relever. Je ne peux que les recommander les yeux fermés!
Bastien DrozBastien Droz
09:05 19 Apr 24
Super service et à l'écoute. Je recommande ce partenaire
Nathalie MarmierNathalie Marmier
07:36 03 Dec 23
😃 Je suis très heureuse de travailler avec toute l'équipe d'Habefast. Je me sens soutenue, écoutée et surtout comprise dans mes besoins. 🙏 Merci beaucoup. Je recommande cette agence.👍
Direction EPS RolleDirection EPS Rolle
13:49 15 Nov 23
Nous avons refait nos logos avec Habefast. Tip top, rien à redire. Service après-vente impeccable. A recommander.
Arborisme Leuba SAArborisme Leuba SA
14:06 20 Jun 23
Notre nouvelle marque, identité visuelle, ainsi que notre nouveau site internet viennent d'être terminés avec Habefast. Nous sommes ravis, c'est une équipe réactive, à notre écoute et de bons conseils ! Les visuels sont top, vous pouvez venir voir par vous-même ;)Nous vous les recommandons vivement !
Alexia HamelinAlexia Hamelin
16:40 01 Dec 22
Un très bon atout pour débuter et développer son entreprise : étude de marché au top, conseils avisés et perspicaces pour la suite, réactivité au top lors de grosses échéances. On se sent bien entouré et guidé, je recommande!