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Adopt innovative technologies and optimize your company’s efficiency and productivity

The challenges of efficiency optimization and digitalization are key to maximizing your business performance. Habefast can assist you in developing your processes and tools to help you become a modern, productive and competitive company.

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  • Less than 10% of Swiss small and medium-sized enterprises invest in digital transformation

    We encourage companies to reinvent themselves and exploit the most appropriate performance levers to meet the challenges of growth and profitability.
    Our added value in supporting you is the expertise of our teams, who keep a constant lookout for the development of new tools. We support you in optimizing the use of technological advances, managing regulatory constraints and optimizing the management of your activities.

  • Efficiency gains concern all company departments

    Digital transformation is a revolution that is transforming every aspect of a company’s operations.
    From organizational structure to business model, products and services, digitalization enables you to improve your efficiency and competitiveness.
    We can help you identify areas where tools can help you work faster, cut costs and eliminate errors.

Give your business a new perspective with our support

Using a methodology created by Habefast that analyzes over 130 key points in your business, we help you identify and activate your productivity levers on your tools and processes thanks to digital.

Habefast Strategy Digital Transformation Audit

A one-day audit at your company is scheduled to collect all the necessary data. We define your your needs and objectives, and understand your operational realities.

Habefast Strategy Digital Transformation Analysis

Our in-depth understanding enables us to work with our business experts for a detailed analysis of your precise needs.

Habefast Strategy Digital Transformation Recommendation

The levers of productivity that can be activated are presented to you in a comprehensive, personalized report, so that you can adopt a digital transformation to improve productivity.

Habefast Strategy Digital Transformation Implementation

We support you in deploying your digital transformation action plan. transformation action plan. We’ll help you build an effective and productive digitalized corporate strategy, anchored in a long-term vision.

“We strongly believe in the value of collaboration, and work closely with our customers every step of the transformation process. Our aim is to help you make the most of the opportunities offered by digital, by providing you with innovative solutions that will enable you to remain competitive in your market.”

Boris Alonso, Founder & CEO Habefast Group

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