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Do you want to involve the consumer in the act of purchase? Do you want to implement a marketing strategy that gives consumers a unique customer experience? Do you want to strengthen customer loyalty through innovative marketing tools? We help you to implement an experiential marketing strategy, to give your customers an extraordinary experience by immersing them in the brand universe.

Differentiate through experiential marketing

Experiential marketing consists in involving the consumer in a certain way in his buying process, by proposing a catchy concept or even dramatization. This type of marketing invites the consumer to discover your brand and to become interested in your products or services thanks to impactful marketing actions.

We help you to implement this marketing and communication strategy in order to immerse the consumer in an experience that will awaken all five senses. We can design activities related to your brand that highlight your competitive advantage and allow the buyer to keep a lasting memory of your point of sale. For example, spraying a perfume at the entrance of your store or restaurant to make the consumer want to enter and consume. This form of marketing has proven to improve the customer experience and reach new customers.

This strategic and experiential marketing will be more qualitative if you extend it to several scales. This strategic and experiential marketing will be more qualitative if you extend it to several scales. Having your customers test your products and make them wait with the help of a table tactile installed at the entrance of your store or your company, are differentiation solutions. The use of thematic and sensory marketing can encourage word of mouth among consumers, the objective is that the consumer feels involved and feels the values of your company from the very first moment.

The goal is for the consumer to feel involved and feel the values of your company from the very first moment. We help you to promote your products or services through innovative experiential marketing solutions to be integrated into your Marketing Mix. Benefit from our know-how and our innovative spirit to optimize your customer relationship management. 

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A project implemented from A to Z

All our projects are tailor-made thanks to a consulting, in order to be perfectly in line with your needs. We invite you to present us your needs so that we can offer you different alternatives adapted to your objectives and set up your project from A to Z. We will accompany you throughout the process, from the implementation to a performance monitoring.

For this, a dedicated project manager will help you create an experiential marketing plan by analyzing your needs and especially your objectives. Whether you want to increase your sales or provide your customers with a memorable experience during the time of a purchase, we will propose solutions that correspond to your objectives. We will highlight the advantages of your products or services while respecting your company’s values and after conducting market studies.

Thanks to our global communication agency, we will be able to offer you the know-how of all our experts: art directors, marketing specialists, merchandisers, graphic designers, web developers, etc.

Our agency Habefast has a real culture of results and customer satisfaction, we want to adjust your project in real time to make the customer experience a unique experience.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to set up an experiential marketing strategy.