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Do you want to use an innovative support for your presentations? Do you want to surprise your customers or prospects? The use of interactive presentations allows you to make your presentations more dynamic and attract more customers.

Whatever your sector of activity, whether you want to make a presentation for a commercial prospecting, for a market study or for a business plan, our consulting and strategy agency will accompany you.

Attract your customers with original interactive presentations

Structure your content thanks to interactive presentations

Thanks to interactive presentations, you will be able to propose to your customers or prospects dynamic presentations of quality.

But which support should you use? The PowerPoint presentation tool is relatively simple to use. The slides can be adapted according to your graphic charter which will give a formatting and a font harmonized and in accordance with your visual identity. Indeed, your various paper presentations are replaced by simple visuals composed of graphic elements.

The content of your presentation (your company, your products or your services) can thus be the subject of a structured and relevant professional presentation. Motion design, computer graphics and even animation effects can be used to make your meeting more interactive and easier to understand for your audience. Audio and video are often used for attractive presentations.

Interactive presentations allow you to have all your media available at all times. Another advantage is that it is possible to export and adapt your interactive presentations to different connected surfaces: thanks to online storage: tablet, touch table, television and other connected objects. In this way, we help you to benefit from an adaptability and ease of use in front of your audience.

To find out more about the benefits of an interactive presentation, we invite you to read our blog article dedicated to this topic.

Interactive presentations: showcase your innovation

Show the know-how of your company, your products or services thanks to a very easy to use presentation software and a participative presentation. This represents an opportunity to stand out from your competition and also to show the innovative character of your company to your prospects. These presentations intensify your ability to convince and will support your sales force on a daily basis.

They facilitate the interaction with your prospects, thanks to their ease of use. You can easily let your customers browse through your different media. For example, you can install interactive touch tables so that they can discover your world independently. Simply touch the multi-touch screen to access the content. It is also possible to adapt the contents to children, and create adapted playful presentations.

Custom-made interactive presentations

Each interactive presentation is unique

We help you to create innovative and unique interactive presentations. Indeed, many functionalities are possible according to your objectives. For example, we can integrate different media (photos, videos, flipbook), games, quizzes, polls, or interactive effects. To make your presentations more visual and more personalized, we can make for you different photos or videos of your products or services.

Each project is personalized and respects your visual identity. We want to be immersed in your company to understand and transmit your company’s values in our different projects.

Habefast commitment

We want your interactive presentation to be unique and represent a real added value, that’s why we immerse ourselves in your company to understand your objectives, in order to create a customized and efficient project. In addition, our global agency can intervene on several levers in your project: we can design photos or videos to make your presentation more visible. We help you to create or improve your visual identity, a key element of a successful presentation.

Moreover, our Habefast agency has a real culture of results that allows us to establish for you different tools to analyze your project. Finally, we adapt your presentations in real time according to the different feedbacks after the first presentations, in order to efficiently reach your objectives.

In collaboration with you, we:

  • Create the graphic universe of the experience in coherence with your visual identity, alone or in collaboration with your graphic designer

  • Integrate, adapt your media, and design the experienc

  • Manage the purchase and the moving of the media