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Ready to transform your brand into a true media powerhouse?

At Habefast, we place your social medias presence at the heart of your digital strategy, turning every interaction into a growth lever.

We can support you both strategically, by developing a unique and distinctive editorial line aligned with the values and image you wish to cultivate, and operationally, by managing your marketing campaigns and content production on social medias.

Located between Geneva and Lausanne in Switzerland, our web agency offers you the services of a team of passionate creatives and experts to guide and manage your social medias marketing campaigns.

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Social Media Agency: The main stages in developing your strategy

What is a social media?

A social media is a virtual network where expression blends with interaction, creating communities and sharing instant moments.

Key benefits

  • Habefast Social Networks Agency Key Benefit Pictogram Roi Increase

    Increase your ROI

    With the right media strategy, our social medias agency can effectively target your audience, significantly increasing your ROI.

  • Habefast Social Networks Agency Key Benefit Pictogram New Interactions Creation

    Create new interactions

    Social medias platforms offer exciting opportunities to interact with your company’s or brand’s audience by being an effective way of managing and responding to community concerns in real time.

  • Habefast Social Networks Agency Key Benefit Pictogram Additional Credibility

    Gain additional credibility and brand visibility

    Thanks to your presence on social medias, you’ll gain consistent, enhanced credibility and visibility with your customers.

  • Habefast Social Networks Agency Key Benefit Pictogram Global Communication

    Global communication

    Social medias are a global communication channel that enables you to reach a large, international audience, adapting your message to different cultures and markets.

  • Habefast Social Networks Agency Key Benefit Pictogram Services Enhancement

    Enhance the value of your products and services

    Thanks to your network activity, you’ll be able to promote your products and services on new sales platforms.

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STEP 1: Managing social medias and your digital content strategy

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1. Define your targets and goals together

The first step to effectively managing your digital content strategy is to clearly define your targets and goals on social media. You might ask yourself the following questions:

  • Will you promote your services on Instagram if you are a B2B company?
  • Is it relevant to reach my target audience on LinkedIn?
  • Do my clients use Facebook as their social medias?

The second step is to optimally target to communicate with your prospects.
By identifying your target audience and which social medias to use, you can adjust your content to meet their specific needs, thus increasing engagement and conversion.

Your visibility goals must be measurable and aligned with the key performance indicators, allowing you to track the return on investment and adjust the strategy as needed.

This approach is crucial for the digital transformation of your company, integrating digital marketing and inbound marketing into your strategy.

2. Developing and planning asocial media growth strategy

To increase your brand awareness and digital influence, developing and planning a well-defined network strategy is essential.

This starts with choosing a community management agency or a social media agency that understands the social web ecosystem and knows how to use social medias strategically.

The role of the community manager, also known as the social media advertising manager, is crucial for engaging each social medias and its community, and managing social media activity effectively.

A good strategy should include creating an automatable editorial calendar to ensure a proactive and reactive management of your social medias.

Finally, it is essential to track engagement rates to evaluate the effectiveness of your strategy and make any necessary adjustments.

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3. Creating editorial content by our community managers

The creation of editorial content is the heart of your digital content strategy. The content must be informative, relevant, and engaging to build a loyal and engaged community. Indeed, we can establish a schedule with you that aligns with each marketing strategy across all your social medias.

User experience on your social media, your website, or any other channel, must be optimized to keep users engaged. The website creation should be optimized to maintain user engagement and encourage interactions from social media to the website.

Investing in a marketing consulting agency or a communication agency can be beneficial for creating content that enhances social media visibility and fosters engagement.

Engaging a content marketing expert for training sessions is also a good alternative. This enriches internal skills for better content and marketing management across your various channels. Social media training can also enhance internal competence for more effective content management and social media marketing. Ultimately, all these efforts aim to maximize the impact of your digital presence with your audience.

STEP 2: Your digital communication and branding

1. Operational management of accounts

Our social medias agency assists you in the operational management of accounts on your social medias to succeed in your communication and increase your visibility.

This daily management requires the expertise of a digital manager or a social medias manager, who will use social medias automation tools to effectively manage the millions of active users present on all platforms.

Among the actions carried out by these experts, we can find:

  • Content planning: Creation and scheduling of posts to maintain a regular and engaging presence.
  • Monitoring and analysis: Tracking the performance of posts, user engagement, and adjusting strategies based on feedback.
  • Community interaction: Responding to comments, messages, and mentions to maintain a positive relationship with subscribers.
  • Competitive monitoring: Tracking competitors’ activities and trends to stay competitive.
  • Advertising campaigns: Designing and managing paid campaigns to increase visibility and engagement.
  • Reporting: Generating regular reports on social medias performance, including relevant KPIs to evaluate the effectiveness of implemented strategies.

You can delegate this task to our specialized social medias agency which will take care of implementing a tailored digital communication plan, integrating current trends and specific objectives to achieve.

The overall and permanent presence on social medias should not be overlooked, and specifically, personalizing interactions plays a crucial role in retaining your qualified prospects and improving your e-reputation.

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2. The digital sustainability of your brand’s social medias visibility

Developing your presence and maintaining the digital sustainability of your brand’s visibility entails a long-term commitment to the digital realm. Search engine optimization or paid advertising and content marketing are strategic pillars for continuously being present on social medias.

Our social medias teams must develop strategies not only to maintain but also to enhance your visibility through social medias and on your website.

3. Brand Image: Establishing branding strategies on social medias

Brand image is fundamental for communication on social medias.
Visual identity and brand content must be designed to faithfully reflect the values and vision of the brand.
Our specialized interactive agency can assist you in creating branding campaigns that will strengthen your brand image on your networks and help you achieve your marketing communication goals.
With our network managers, their specific expertise, and their reporting, these web marketing professionals will establish strategies on your networks that maximize the visibility and influence of your brand.

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STEP 3: Taking digitization a step further

1. Quantifiable performance analysis

Through the digital content strategies we will establish together and regular performance analysis by our expert community managers, your online presence will be optimized. You’ll be able to explore your statistical features to understand user behavior.

We will provide you with an interactive dashboard to track the effectiveness of your actions and the engagement rate of online advertising campaigns and optimize possible improvements.

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2. Social selling: amplifying your sales digitally through social medias

Social Selling is an essential component of digital marketing that focuses on using social medias to sell products or services.

Social medias can then serve as an additional acquisition channel in your current marketing strategy, providing a platform to promote and sell more personally and effectively.

With a well-defined strategy, agency social medias experts can increase your company’s visibility, thus generating more traffic to its website and, consequently, more conversions.

Our expert social medias agency will ensure effective promotion through targeted advertising campaigns. By optimizing your advertising budget, we will maximize the reach and impact of social selling on your sales.

By combining the power of social medias and traditional media in your strategy, social selling offers businesses a modern and efficient method to reach their target audience.

3. Social medias culture and professional social medias

Social medias culture is essential for companies wishing to enhance their visibility, stay innovative, and keep up with the times.

Our management and training on your social medias provide you with the tools to effectively interact with your digital community.

Indeed, your presence on social medias and professional social medias strengthen your professional network.

Are you ready to collaborate together?

Then trust our social medias agency located in Nyon in French-speaking Switzerland in delegating and developing your digital strategy for your social medias!

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Yannick GrivelYannick Grivel
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Le Triathlon de Nyon collabore avec Habefast depuis plusieurs années pour différents éléments. En 2024, ils sont refait intégralement notre site internet. Ils développement également la ligne graphique de chaque édition qui sont toujours originales et de qualité. Le suivi, la qualité et la rapidité d'exécution ou de réponse à nos demandes sont à relever. Je ne peux que les recommander les yeux fermés!
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Super service et à l'écoute. Je recommande ce partenaire
Hippodrome Golf ClubHippodrome Golf Club
13:29 23 Mar 24
13:18 14 Dec 23
Nathalie MarmierNathalie Marmier
07:36 03 Dec 23
😃 Je suis très heureuse de travailler avec toute l'équipe d'Habefast. Je me sens soutenue, écoutée et surtout comprise dans mes besoins. 🙏 Merci beaucoup. Je recommande cette agence.👍
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13:49 15 Nov 23
Nous avons refait nos logos avec Habefast. Tip top, rien à redire. Service après-vente impeccable. A recommander.
Arborisme Leuba SAArborisme Leuba SA
14:06 20 Jun 23
Notre nouvelle marque, identité visuelle, ainsi que notre nouveau site internet viennent d'être terminés avec Habefast. Nous sommes ravis, c'est une équipe réactive, à notre écoute et de bons conseils ! Les visuels sont top, vous pouvez venir voir par vous-même ;)Nous vous les recommandons vivement !
Alexia HamelinAlexia Hamelin
16:40 01 Dec 22
Un très bon atout pour débuter et développer son entreprise : étude de marché au top, conseils avisés et perspicaces pour la suite, réactivité au top lors de grosses échéances. On se sent bien entouré et guidé, je recommande!