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At Habefast, we have developed for you a multimedia center made up of experts, dedicated to all your audiovisual projects.

You know the adage “a picture is worth a thousand words”? Do you think it would be interesting to integrate more people and dynamism in your communication? Are you thinking of launching a photo or video project? We can help you to reach these different objectives.


The image era

We are exposed to an average of 3000 advertising images per day; they have become an essential dimension of an effective marketing strategy. In this age of zapping and scrolling, the impact of an image must be maximized: it must be accessible and striking, unlike less direct textual content. This is why we have created a multimedia center to offer you photo and video content of exemplary quality and make you stand out from the crowd

A studio dedicated to your needs

The idea of creating within Habefast a dedicated photo and video unit was born from recurring requests from our clients and our desire to be a global agency, able to accompany you in all your communication and marketing actions with 360° campaigns. We try to limit the number of interlocutors you deal with and ensure the quality of your multimedia content. Thus was born Lakeprod, Habefast’s multimedia subsidiary, specialized in the production of photographic and audiovisual content. Our studio is composed of photographers, videographers, directors, motion designers and specialists in editing and post-production.

Our services range from the genesis of the project to its completion. We accompany you in the scriptwriting and staging, organize the shooting or filming, carry out additional shots or recordings if necessary and carry out photo retouching and video editing, to deliver you the final shots or editing.

State-of-the-art equipment

In addition to the expertise of our professionals, the quality of our services depends in part on the equipment we use: that’s why we make a point of staying at the cutting edge of technology for all photo and video equipment. Our tools (cameras, camcorders, etc.) are regularly renewed to offer you the best performance. Our photographers have lenses adapted to each shooting as well as professional lighting, and our videographers have very precise sound and visual recording equipment and image stabilizers, for high definition shooting. In addition, they are equipped with the latest generation of photo editing and video editing software, which allows them to produce photos and videos of the highest quality. We have a latest-generation drone, which takes on a special importance when shooting outdoors and produces high definition photos and videos. Our experts also have the necessary technology to produce motion design videos.