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Do you want to boost your communication and strengthen your customer relations? Would you like to improve your visibility and brand image? Our agency will help you in the essential process of creating and choosing the communication supports adapted to your graphic company.

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The importance of communication supports for the company

Despite the predominance of digital technology, paper supports often remain essential to the life of the company in terms of communication. They are the first instruments of customer relations and represent the first written and visual link between a company and a customer.

Paper media such as leaflets therefore still play an essential role in a company’s communication. The message transmitted by paper will allow a better memorization of the information, but will also have a longer conservation than a message transmitted by electronic means.

These printed supports play multiple roles in the communication of the company, they can be informative or even promotional, but they all allow a valorization of the company, an improvement of the visibility and a development of the brand image.

Our communication agency helps you to find the communication media best suited to your organization.

There are many communication media that allow the distribution of messages or information. If each of these supports has a defined role, they all allow a support of the sales force as well as an important diffusion of the brand image, the activity and the positioning of your company.

Paper supports remain an essential means of communication, it is also an excellent means of differentiation. In the digital age, many companies are leaving paper supports aside to concentrate on digital only: it is however necessary, for a company wishing to differentiate itself, to have printed communication supports adapted to its communication strategy. It is also important to take into account sustainable development issues in the production of these media, in particular by favoring recycled paper, which allows the company to differentiate itself even more. This makes it possible to stand out favorably from the competition in addition to acting for the planet.

In order to increase its visibility, develop its brand image and optimize its communication with its customers, your company must possess and distribute quality paper documents in line with its image.

Another advantage of paper communication media is the wide range of possibilities in terms of graphic design, which gives you the possibility to convey your message, values and the positioning of your company with perfectly adapted documents. At Habefast, you have the possibility to have a graphic designer at your disposal to create perfectly adapted and unique images for your company.

In order to help you analyze the opportunities available to you in terms of print media, our agency has made a short list of the different existing media and their main role.

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Stationery elements:

  • Business card:

    an essential element of communication supports; it is the continuity of your company and its image. The business card allows you to present yourself and the company but it is also a very good way to impact your prospect by giving him the opportunity to keep in touch with you.

  • Headed letters:

    this medium is an excellent guarantee of quality when sending your documents. They allow you to promote your company by communicating a professional and rigorous image.

Information and promotional elements:

  • Presentation leaflet:

    the presentation leaflet is one of the essential elements for a paper communication. It plays an informative role and presents the company as a whole. It is an essential tool for a good prospection, it allows to promote the company, to increase the visibility and to improve the brand image on the long term. For a brochure, the messages must be clear and concise: readers must understand your business and your objectives by just looking at the brochure; however, they must have more information when they start to read it attentively.

  • Brochure:

    this document is very useful during your business meetings because it allows you to highlight the products and services that your company offers and to improve its brand image. The brochure will leave a lasting impression of your visit to your customers and support the quality image your company produces.

  • Magazine and Corporate Book:

    an excellent internal communication tool, this periodical support allows you to inform your teams about the life of the company and its future. Very good management and motivation tool, it allows your employees to be in cohesion with their workplace.

  • Reports:

    this medium can be used for internal and external communication; it allows you to have a global vision of the company’s activity and its achievements on a specific activity for a given period. The report can be used to prove your company’s credibility and performance. The company has the opportunity to let its figures do the talking by analyzing and explaining them. The reports therefore allow for a global communication of your company.

  • Catalogue:

    the presentation catalogues allow you to review all your products and services, which are very useful for your print and digital communication.

  • Newsletter:

    here the aim is not to prospect but to attract and retain consumers. The newsletter must be engaging both in terms of graphics and content for effective communication.

Elements of a promotional campaign:

  • Poster:

    the possibilities of posters are many and varied. They can be used to catch the eye of the prospect. This requires a well thought-out and effective graphic design.

  • POS:

    POS Advertising allows you to communicate directly and effectively with your customers. It is an excellent way to influence the consumer in his buying journey and to increase the visibility of your product or brand. It is important to design attractive sales materials for this purpose.

  • Flyer:

    it is made for short-term actions – informative or promotional. It can be mass distributed. Its purpose is to promote a specific activity, it allows to increase your visibility thanks to a well-defined graphic identity. 

Other marketing supports exist and allow to highlight the company and to improve its visibility.

Habefast Services Graphism Communication Supports Project La Ligniere
Habefast Services Graphism Communication Supports Project A L Abri

Why choose Habefast to design your communication materials?

Thanks to its experience in the field of print marketing, Habefast agency helps you in the imagination and realization of your paper communication supports.

Because for our agency, each case deserves special attention, we work closely with you in order to get to know you better, but also to understand your needs and analyze them. This is why for each new project, Habefast proposes to establish a complete audit of your company, your positioning and your objectives. This analysis allows us to set up an adequate strategy and to choose the supports adapted to your development.

If having communication supports is essential, analyzing the needs and setting up a real communication strategy is even more so. To be visible and have an impact on the market, it is necessary for a company to have a real communication strategy leading to the desired objectives. For this, we set up different communication techniques.

Our agency therefore offers to accompany you in the implementation of this strategy and in the choice of the right communication media for the visual communication of your company and its future development. Habefast helps you to target the necessary and complementary tools adapted to your positioning, your activity and your brand image.

And because we wish to accompany companies in their development, we also carry out the creation and redesign of your visual identity but also the creation of your product packaging.

If you would like to discover one of our creations of communication supports, you can consult our case study on the Nyon Triathlon.