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You are a private investor, a financial institution in the merger & acquisition sector, you represent an investment fund, or you are a lawyer specializing in the purchase and sale of companies? Whether you wish to invest and launch into the purchase of a company or accompany your clients for an audit, our strategic consulting firm helps you to evaluate companies with good growth potential or to identify the company most in line with your needs and objectives, in particular thanks to a complete consulting according to a proprietary methodology of its marketing and communication department, its positioning on the market and its strengths and weaknesses from a marketing point of view.

What is Marketing Due Diligence?

Often associated with the financial or human resources department, due diligence is also applicable in the marketing world to help make investment decisions. It refers to the complete audit of the positioning and organization of the marketing department of a company in sales upstream of its purchasing process in order to analyze and collect a maximum of information on the opportunities and potential risks of the company. This audit will make it possible to assess the relevance and coherence of the integrated marketing strategy and to determine whether it is aligned with the company’s overall objectives. The idea is to identify whether the company’s growth potential is being exploited and whether or not the company has differentiating advantages. Our research is based, among other things, on various data analysis tools and measurement of the size of the target market. They will also focus on the analysis of the technological base used in the company, the evaluation of various performance indicators, but also on organizational aspects and investment decisions made in recent years.

Why do a Marketing Due Diligence?

The purchase of a company involves many interlocutors and numerous evaluations of elements specific to each department of the company. Before you commit to the purchase process, the Marketing Due Diligence will come to measure the level of maturity and market coverage of the company as well as estimate its potential for value creation in relation to your objectives and development opportunities. Indeed, our experts will make sure that the evaluation of the different elements is reliable by setting very precise and personalized analysis criteria according to your needs. From digital strategy to information systems, our team of experienced consultants will accompany you with agile tools to steer your project management.

A marketing audit to accompany you from A to Z.

Whether you are a future buyer, a lawyer specializing in the purchase and sale of companies or you represent a financial institution in the M&A sector, our strategy consulting agency offers you support in a Marketing Due Diligence tailored to your needs.

  • Identification of your objectives and the company

    Before beginning the audit and verification process, our experts need to know precisely all of your objectives and needs prior to the purchasing process. To do so, we will gather all of your expected criteria, for example the maturity and digital activity of the company for sale (natural referencing, digital tools used, budget allocated to the marketing department). We can then evaluate companies that you have previously identified or we can identify the most relevant companies according to your criteria. If you have already made a selection of companies, we will carry out the audit directly to determine which one corresponds to your expectations and your marketing objectives. This will also give you important decision support levers in the process of valuing the company.

  • Carrying out the audit through in-depth analyses

    After distinguishing the company(ies) that best meets your requirements, our consultants begin the audit based on analysis criteria such as:

    • The quality of the tools in place (e.g. CRM, ERP, mailing software and other digital tools…).
    • Online visibility and referencing of the company’s website(s) and other elements related to digital technology.
    • The structuring and organization of the marketing department
    • In-depth analysis of employment contracts with external service providers (e.g. printers, software rental companies, etc.).
    • The expenditure of the last few years and the performance indicators put in place
    • The interest of Internet users on search engines


    Our experts will then carry out an internal diagnosis of the marketing department of the company put up for sale. From this, the main strengths and weaknesses of the operational and strategic elements of the department will be identified in order to determine what actions can be put in place to maximize their return on investment and achieve a growth operation.

  • A complete follow-up for decision support

    In addition to this internal audit that we send you after finalization, our experts can also carry out a market study in order to establish an external diagnosis by grouping together the opportunities and threats of the market in question.

Examples of missions based on marketing due diligence

  1. Missions for investment funds and corporate buyers to help them assess the level of maturity of the sales and marketing functions in the companies they wish to buy.

  2. Missions to analyze the level of expertise of a team on diversified themes.

  3. Data analysis to understand the investments and the returns on investment of the actions implemented during the last 3 years.

  4. Analysis of the effectiveness of the company’s performance indicators to measure its level of maturity.

  5. Market and competitive analysis missions.