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Conducting an advertising campaign can be a good way for your company to make your products or services known to a large number of targets and set yourself apart from the competition. Our strategy and communication agency Habefast offers you a 360° accompaniment to build the advertising campaign that will meet your needs and fulfill your objectives.

Our expertise can be broken down into two main levers:

Creation of advertising campaign

Our experts in traditional and digital marketing build a tailor-made advertising campaign. They base their strategy on your objectives and your budget, plan the distribution of your communication media and analyze the results of your campaign. We also help you to build a clear and effective advertising message in order to put words to your ideas. And thanks to our integrated graphic design agency and multimedia studio, we create your advertising materials in-house. So you don’t have to deal with a lot of different people.

Purchase and media plans

Traditional media or digital media? These days there are many different communication media and it can be difficult to find your way around. In order to avoid superfluous expenses, our Habefast agency guides you through the key steps for the optimization of your advertising campaign and in the construction of your media plan. Together, we determine a clear and precise communication budget. We guide you in the choice of channels and frequency of broadcasting. Our marketing experts can also negotiate your media purchases in order to guarantee you the best price for advertising inserts.

By working with us, you are sure to build an effective advertising campaign, with a return on investment measured by our performance tracking indicators. Our team, made up of experts in traditional and digital marketing, web designers, graphic designers, professional videographers and photographers, offers you a complete follow-up adapted to your needs.

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Your advertising campaign with Habefast is:

  • A 360° expertise on traditional and digital media

    Our goal is to offer you a 360° accompaniment on all types of formats: traditional or digital.

  • A unique and tailor-made ad campaign

    We adapt to your needs and our expert eye allows us to offer you a unique campaign that meets your expectations and above all, quality.

  • A choice of relevant media that guarantees you a better visibility

    Our advertising agency accompanies you in the realization of your media plan. We offer two types of campaigns: a campaign of background notoriety or a specific campaign to promote or launch a product or service.

  • An impactful ad campaign

    Thanks to our multidisciplinary expertise, we can offer you advertising campaigns from A to Z. From now on, there is no need to multiply the number of interlocutors. We commit ourselves to carry out an impactful campaign that meets your expectations.

  • A complete follow-up guaranteed by a referent contact

    We attract a referent for each of our projects. This allows us to have a regular follow-up of your projects and a more efficient progress.

  • The expertise of a complete team

    We bring together many business specialists within the agency, to offer a real fluidity, as well as a real added value to your projects.

  • A gain in notoriety thanks to effective digital communication

    Although it is difficult to control one’s brand image, digital helps to make control easier. Notoriety and e-reputation are, nowadays, almost inseparable. Our experts in communication and web design, help you to adopt an efficient digital communication.