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You want to change your company’s strategy and you have to restructure your company? Your company is undergoing a complex economic situation and you need to react to ensure the continuity of your activity and remain ambitious?

Our strategy consultants and business reorganization specialists will support you by drawing up a tailor-made transformation plan.

What is business reorganization?

Business reorganization or restructuring is an operation to transform a company according to the economic situation or a new strategy. This can lead to various organizational and structural changes to put the company back on an ambitious trajectory.

Companies are not immune to new situations that can disrupt their daily lives. The Coronavirus epidemic is an illustration of this, but the subjects that can impact a company are multiple.

With a very strong decrease in economic activity, the crisis linked to the Coronavirus will impact some companies more than others. Some will have to reorganize to reduce their costs and prepare for the next few years of activity.

It is therefore necessary to know how to anticipate change and to implement a risk management policy upstream, including a possible restructuring operation.

What is our philosophy?

Our vocation is to help companies prepare their future in the best possible conditions.

It is sometimes necessary to optimize the internal organization and certain processes to ensure the company’s sustainability and guarantee good performance over the long term.

Our mission is to work on the different levers that can be used to optimize your reorganization through its different phases:

  • Preparation for restructuring
  • The transmission of information to the various stakeholders
  • Disintegration
  • Restructuring
  • Monitoring of the impact of these actions and the implementation of possible adjustments

Our approach is pragmatic and concrete and most of our reorganization projects bear fruit after only a few months of intervention.

Reorganization can be coupled with support in relation to the company’s growth strategy because these two elements are often closely linked. It may be included in the restructuring plan.

The restructuring areas we cover for a successful business transformation

  1. Consulting in global corporate restructuring / Restructuring:

    In a first step, we will carry out an immersion in the company context and draw up restructuring specifications and advice for your company (restructuring consulting first steps) in order to determine the weak points.

    Then, a restructuring consultant will draw up a complete corporate restructuring plan. We will then be able to carry out the operational restructuring of your company by implementing the various actions.

  2. Restructuring of personnel in a company:

    Personnel restructuring is the idea of having the right people in the right position to ensure the company’s long-term sustainability and performance.

    It is therefore a question of highlighting the qualifications and skills required for each position in order to reposition or even recruit the right person. In this way, there will be less risk in both the short and long term. It is also necessary to ensure that there is not a single person in charge of risky functions.

  3. Internal reorganization of a company:

    The internal reorganization of a company concerns everything related to the management and optimization of processes and workflows within the company. We will intervene in a logic of “business process management” in order to find the priority areas for improvement.

    Internal restructuring therefore involves more or less consequent changes because it concerns the life of the company and habits that need to be changed. It is important that staff prepare for the upcoming change process and that they do not see it as unexpected and brutal. This requires a good communication and change management strategy because if employees do not buy into it, they may oppose and resist it.

  4. Cost reduction / Cost management / Cost control:

    Cost control is fundamental to the sustainability of a company, but in a bad economic climate, good cost management becomes even more strategic.
    We will analyze the different expenses of the company to identify the main part of the superfluous and possibly reposition some expenses.

    It is therefore fundamental to know how to control costs even in these situations, by reducing and adapting them. To do this, our experts will help you to restructure your costs.

  5. Optimization of purchases

    An optimization of the purchases allows an optimization of the costs. This is crucial in times of restructuring, which is why it is important to involve an expenditure manager.

    To optimize purchasing, it is necessary to start by making a study of the current suppliers and also to analyze some solutions and suppliers with which the company does not yet work. Purchasing optimization is also possible by finding substitutes at a lower cost. Cost management is therefore done through expense management.

Unlike a cost reduction consulting firm or an organization optimization company, our consulting firm will assist you in a global way in your restructuring through the different stakes seen previously. Whether it is for the reduction of company costs or for the implementation of your company’s growth strategy that will allow you to fully benefit from the positive effects of your restructuring plan, our experts will advise and support you.

Examples of missions based on business restructuring

  • Company rescue missions in case of critical financial situations.

  • Accompaniment of companies that are “underperforming” due to structural or market problems.

  • Analysis missions of the teams in place and evaluation of possible shortcomings or areas for improvement.

  • Analysis of the portfolio of products generating revenues for the company to redefine segmentations and strategic axes.

We live in a changing and highly competitive world; corporate restructuring is sometimes fundamental to ensure the long-term survival and performance of a company so do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your company’s situation.