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You want to offer online training sessions to your employees but you can’t find the right solution? You don’t have a digital platform for training? Do you want to facilitate the management of training courses and their content? Your primary objective is to offer your teams quality content, but above all personalized and effective over the long term? Do you need a company discovery solution for your new employees?We can help you to set up tools and content adapted to digital learning. 

A digital training tool sets up to energize the process for your teams

The digitalization of training in companies is linked to the development of new technologies in our society. Digital learning is a perfect method to learn in a long-term and personalized way and therefore adapts to every individual. The goal? To make teams efficient and operational quickly, but also to ensure a rise in skills. According to a study by the ISTF (= higher institute for training technology), digital learning is increasingly used by professionals. Companies are therefore advised to follow this new trend in order to best train their teams with innovative and interactive methods.

Digital learning is a personalized distance and/or face-to-face training, alone or in a group, with assistance as required. The level and rhythm of each participant is taken into account thanks to short modules. Digital learning, in other words, it is an experience that allows you to improve your skills.

In order to best support you, we start with a phase of discovery of your training objectives, an understanding of your target audiences and an analysis of your current training processes. Then, depending on your needs, we can establish an action plan. We will help you to select the most appropriate and effective tools and materials according to your ambitions. Thanks to our teams of experts, we will be able to implement this action plan. For example, we will create a platform specifically dedicated to digital learning for your employees and we will create more dynamic supports such as videos or virtual training sessions as well as adapted PowerPoint formats.

Here is the scope of the support we offer you:

  • Setting up distribution platforms (Internet site, extranet, applications, ...) for your digital learning program.

  • Reflection and support for the creation of training content

  • Creation of training content support (ppt presentation, videos, virtual classroom system, ...)

  • Monitoring the proper functioning of digital learning platforms

The use of digital learnings’ contexts, i.e. when is it needed ? :

  • To train employees in new practices, new notions and skills useful to the company and to the employees' desires. The goal is to have efficient and operational teams quickly but also over time.

  • Perhaps to be used for training courses offered by the company on a voluntary basis by employees or for compulsory training that company departments have to pass. It is important to develop employees' knowledge in order to maintain their performance.

  • Used in higher education and will potentially be used more and more in the years to come. In particular to make evaluations.

  • Used in culture and tourism to create, for example, playful workshops or visit itineraries in museums, fairs, parks, castles...

  • To present the company, to facilitate the integration of new employees and to train them on specific subjects necessary to take up their positions.

Digital learning is a widespread practice but it is becoming more and more democratic every year. The year 2020 has been an accelerator because of the health crisis we have experienced. These practices tend to be used more and more to improve the pedagogical productivity of training courses.

The major trends in digital learning are based on the fact that it places the learner at the heart of training methods. But it also uses video in shorter, more numerous and personalized formats.

Do not hesitate to contact us to tell us about your project and discover our services on the theme of digital learning.