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Do you regularly need content to feed your social networks or your website? You don’t necessarily have a panel of experts (videographer, motion designer, photographer, etc.) within your company to help you produce this content? Our agency can help.

Our Snack content offer

Attractive graphic content tailored to your multimedia needs

Our agency offers you a model for producing regular multimedia content (graphics, gifs, photos, videos, motion design) to feed the editorial strategy of your various social networks.

The idea? To have dedicated content to feed your social media and advertising campaigns quickly, efficiently and on a reasonable budget!

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Tailor-made content to feed your social networks on a regular basis

Most of the time, snack content is created to be distributed and shared on social media, the place where users quickly scan the information presented to them.

We can create different formats, such as photos, animated visuals or short videos, for stories or real life, for example.

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  • What exactly is snack content?

    “Snack content” is a term commonly used in digital marketing to designate small-scale content, such as short videos, infographics and the like, which can be used to effectively convey information or promote a service or product in a matter of seconds.

    The main aim is to grab consumers’ attention and give them a quick dose of information or entertainment, giving them the information they’ve come for or that you want to convey, like the immediate stimulating effect of a shot of ginger.

  • The benefits of our Snack content offering

    Snack content is very widely used today, whether in the media on social networks, or by brands, hotels, cafés and restaurants or other business sectors.
    Production time is reduced, information flows more smoothly to consumers, whether it’s a post, a story or a sponsored campaign, engagement is also higher, and content can be adapted to different formats and channels more quickly.

    Consumers wishing to delve deeper into the information conveyed by snack content can, if they wish, be redirected to the site, where the content is more detailed and important.
    Our strength lies in bringing together within the same structure the various skills (designer, motion designer, photographer, videographer, community manager) required for an effective snack content strategy. This means we can help you produce the relevant content you need for your social networking strategy, quickly and efficiently.

  • Our approach to Snack content: arousing your audience's interest with viral content

    Our dedicated community management department offers you the opportunity to produce engaging content that will captivate your audience and considerably increase the impact of your actions on social media.
    Our snack content approach aims to continually generate buzz around your brand by creating viral content, capable of generating shares and interest from your audience thanks to precise targeting and the creation of captivating interactions.

    The core of this content marketing strategy is based on two levers: the creation of entertaining, high value-added content, designed to effectively reach your prospects and increase your visibility on the various digital channels, and the implementation of an editorial schedule to ensure regular distribution over the long term.
    In addition, as part of our communication strategy, our editorial team also focuses on the creation of multimedia content specially adapted for search engine optimization (SEO), to optimize your website’s visibility on search engines.

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