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Are you thinking of expanding your company’s location or looking for a place to establish your business? Are you struggling to know what would be the most relevant for you? Geomarketing is an efficient tool to help you make decisions and our teams will help you set up a relevant and efficient strategy.

What is geomarketing?

Geomarketing is a marketing technique based on the study of geographical, socio-demographic and behavioral data. It aims to determine the most relevant area to set up or develop your business. Geomarketing is a valuable decision-making tool.

By crossing various statistical data, it allows to optimize commercial, marketing or expansion decisions. This information system is based on the use of data coming directly from your already available information (customer files, average basket per customer, turnover, territorial network of your establishments…). These internal data are added to external data, coming from reliable sources, such as the OFS (Federal Office of Statistics) in Switzerland. This external data includes geographic and socio-demographic data, but also represents indications on the consumption behavior of your customers.

Geomarketing, thanks to data analysis of different types, allows you to gather and map relevant information for your company. This study of geographical and socio-demographic data also allows you to locate your catchment areas and the strategic places where you can position yourself. These areas of influence of your activity, allow you to understand where your real customers and your potential customers come from. Geomarketing allows you to better understand a territory and its inhabitants and thus, allows you to make the right decisions, adapted to your action zone.

The catchment area is defined thanks to several criteria such as the profile of your customers, their habits and behaviors, but also according to the territorial network; yours and your competitors’. Geomarketing allows you to analyze the profile of your customers and the positioning of your competitors, in order to determine which spatial zones are the most relevant for you. Thus, geomarketing allows you to better know the state of your market in a given geographical area and allows you to adapt your positioning and potentially your offer. It will also be a very efficient tool for an ambitious expansion strategy in favorable or high potential areas. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

How can a geomarketing study help you?

Geomarketing allows you to take advantage of the data available on a territory by crossing geographic, sociological and demographic data provided by statistical organizations and the internal data you have. By doing so, you can understand your customers in a precise and relevant way and determine the most relevant geographical area for your company. Where are your prospects located? How do you reach them? How do you optimize your market coverage?

It is a real strategic tool that allows you to make the most relevant decisions and the most adapted to your territory according to your activity. Thanks to the processing of these data, geomarketing allows you to visualize the most relevant districts or cities to set up your activity. By mapping your prospects and competitors, geomarketing allows you to optimize your position and avoid cannibalization of your sales outlets.

Geomarketing: first example

Let’s say you are a medical network or a chain of stores and you are looking to open a practice or a new store. A geomarketing study will help you to :

  • Locate your potential competitors and nearby establishments
  • Locate urban areas
  • Understand the behavior of your targets (their route, their access to your establishment, their
    consumption habits…)
  • Define your priority development areas.
  • Choose a location conducive to the development of your business.

Also, you will be able to adapt your offer to stand out from your competitors in order to remain competitive. The data provided by geographic marketing allows you to measure the presence and services offered by your competitors and the needs of your customers.

Geomarketing: second example

Let’s say you run a fitness center. You see a competitor arriving near your establishment. It will be useful to graphically represent your zone of influence and that of your competitors. Also, you will be able to adjust your marketing actions so that they are adapted to the target places and people. Geomarketing will then help you to :

  • Set up an adapted communication strategy: Do you need to set up a strategy to develop customer loyalty or on the contrary to set up a strategy to conquer new customers?
  • By using the geographical data at your disposal, you can adjust your marketing and communication strategy to prevent the arrival of a competitor.
  • Geolocating your customers in the vicinity and in fact, geomarketing could be used to alert them of a promotional offer.
  • Similarly, you could also launch an e-mailing campaign announcing discounts…

By allowing you to reinforce customer knowledge thanks to a precise profile of your customers, geomarketing offers the possibility of a precise targeting and an effective marketing action. It allows you to be in touch with the reality of your customers and to be able to provide them with what suits them best in order to optimize the growth strategy of your company. The location of the points of sale can be decided according to the travel time, the traffic, the access possibilities of your customers to your point of sale for example. Indeed, by knowing the consumption habits of your customers, you will be able to position yourself in order to best meet their expectations.

Habefast at your service for an optimal geomarketing strategy

Because geomarketing is essential for a complete and efficient marketing strategy, calling upon an agency specialized in data analysis and marketing strategy will allow you to establish a clear strategy on the positioning of new establishments and new points of sale and to adjust your marketing strategy in the best way. Our agency uses its expertise and its geographical and statistical analysis data to enable you to make the best possible decision. Our previous experience with medical practices, dental clinics, optical chains, and retail chains specialized in food or decoration, ensures efficiency and results.

By providing appropriate statistical analysis tools, our agency specialized in geomarketing allows you to exploit the mapping data of brands, territories and the preferences of your customers in order to establish your catchment area and to adapt the most effective growth strategy possible. Thanks to the expertise of our data analysts and statisticians, you will be able to identify the major strategic levers of development as well as the opportunities for innovation in your business sector.

The world of data analysis is constantly evolving. Working with an agency allows you to be aware of the evolution of the market, to determine the trends and also to ensure a competitive intelligence in order to follow the evolutions of your territory. Our agency implements the appropriate tools and constantly updates its knowledge of the methodologies relevant to your business to best support your strategy. Marketing techniques evolve quickly and require continuous attention, delegating this activity can save you time to focus on your core business.