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Whatever your sector of activity, you surely want to develop your business and improve your company’s performance. However, it can be complicated to find sustainable growth levers that will allow you to get ahead of your competitors and become more competitive. Our consulting agency Habefast offers you a complete strategic accompaniment to help you build a strong strategy optimizing your company’s strengths and starting a real project management.

The stages of strategic marketing

  1. A market analysis

    Market analysis allows you to collect data on the sector, targets and competitors in order to define market opportunities and thus develop marketing actions for your company, its notoriety, its product or its service. 

  2. The goals of strategic marketing

    The market research and its results will allow SMART objectives to be set: 

    • Specific: action
    • Measurable: the results indicator
    • Achievable: the steps to take
    • Realistic: means and resources
    • Temporally defined: the expiry date 
  3. The Strategic Marketing Action Plan

    The action plan is made up of the elements of the marketing mix, also called the 4Ps: 

    • Product
    • Awards
    • Position
    • Promotion

Every day, we put our creativity and know-how at the service of companies, to help them achieve their growth objectives by building a thoughtful and ambitious approach. With a multi-sector experience, our consulting firm makes it a point of honor to quickly understand the specificities of your field of activity in order to set up adapted transformation projects. Our professional and dynamic team understands the stakes of business development and accompanies you throughout the process thanks to in-depth consulting and a personalized action plan. Together, we establish a coherent and efficient strategic and operational plan. Thanks to our integrated web and design agency and our multimedia pole, we also guarantee you a fast and innovative operational implementation, without multiplying the number of interlocutors. Whether it concerns a commercial strategy, business development, change management, a desire to improve your customer relations or the marketing and communication field, we are at your disposal for your business project.

Business strategy consulting

Our consultants study your environment and conduct an in-depth analysis of your business to identify your strengths and weaknesses and turn them into opportunities. Using our tools, we can define a business strategy that will enable you to differentiate yourself from your competitors and intensify your competitive advantage.

Growth strategy or "growth hacking"

Our digital strategy experts can help you create a differentiating growth strategy in line with your entrepreneurial spirit. Growth hacking is about creating more traffic to your website to generate more revenue. To do so, we create a growth strategy that combines creativity, big data and SEO (optimization of your website to improve its SEO).

Innovation consulting

Innovation can be a good way for your company to open up to new markets or to stand out from your competitors. Our strategy consultants help you to take the leap to innovation and make your investments profitable. We guide you in the study of possible solutions and help you select the one that best suits your needs. Our Habefast agency also organizes creativity workshops to help your employees to be innovative.

Company creation

Launching a business is a challenge that requires a great deal of precision and anticipation. Our consultants will accompany you throughout your business creation process in order to give you all the cards to succeed. Our multi-disciplinary team will provide you with expertise in every support needed for your launch. We create your visual identity, your website, establish a marketing and communication positioning strategy.

Marketing strategy

Our Habefast agency offers you a complete marketing support. Our experts in digital and traditional marketing can be involve within the framework of a punctual mission to meet a temporary need. We also offer a marketing outsourcing service. We offer you a wide range of services: creation of visual identity, redesign or creation of brand image, editorial marketing, crisis communication, e-reputation.