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Do you want to create an elegant and unforgettable website? Do you want to stand out from the competition at a time when the number of websites is increasing every day? Our web designers will help you in this project.

Discover in our article the role of a webdesigner in the creation or redesign of a website! 

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An attractive graphic design for your website.

Web design is the design of a web interface, or in other words, it is the design of the visual and ergonomic aspect of your website: it is all the actions that aim to create an attractive and efficient graphic design. The notion of web design includes the architecture of the site, its organization and its tree structure. Each site is unique and involves the inspired and meticulous work of a team of web designers.

Web design, a crucial step.

One can speak of web design as the step between creation and technique. The graphic creation is done upstream, with the definition or the declension of your visual identity. The technique, that is to say the web development that materializes your website, comes afterwards. The web design is therefore a pivotal and fundamental step: it is there that the functioning of your website and therefore its future effectiveness is concretely defined.

For an Internet user, the passage on your website must be fluid and memorable. Your website is your business card, often the first thing your customers and contacts see of your brand. You want to leave a lasting positive impression: an attractive and efficient website will help you to give your company a perfect first impression!

Our creative studio is composed of several graphic designers and web designers. Their double hats allow them to take into account purely graphic issues and integrate them into a more global reflection on the construction of your website. Our agency Habefast offers you a complete and 100% personalized service, in order to meet your needs as well as possible.

The respect of your graphic charter.

Your website is the reflection of your company and must accurately represent your brand and your values: the definition of your visual identity is therefore a crucial step. After an analysis of your company by our experts in strategic marketing, our creative studio is able to make proposals for visual identities, as close as possible to your values and your brand image. It is this identity that will be the foundation of all your print and digital communication supports: business cards, email signature, advertising campaigns. It is above all the starting point for the work of the web designers: it will be declined in a Template – the basis of the graphic design of your site – that you can customize as you wish.

Zoning and wireframing: two fundamental steps in the launch of your project.

The steps of zoning and wireframing are essential to the proper development of your website. Our web designers take care of these two aspects to best meet your needs. Zoning consists of the visual organization of the different pages of your site: where to place an image, where to place a text, a banner, a call-to-action button. Wireframing is the outline of your website. It is a simulation of the user interface (UI / UX) that ignores all graphical elements. The objective is to think about the ergonomics (UI / UX) of your site from the start of the project.

Ergonomics and user experience, two fundamental dimensions in the design of your site.

Whether you already have a visual identity that suits you or whether we create it, our web designers will have as a motto to respect your graphic charter: your website must remain as close as possible to your identity and your values, in order to be a faithful reflection of your company. The difficulty is to respect the graphic charter while developing simple and intelligible pages, in order to create an easily usable website. Our experts will be able to guide you in the design of your website, so that it is ergonomic, original and attractive. You will thus be able to attract more traffic to your web interface and recruit new customers.

  • Ergonomics (UI):

    create a site that is accessible and easy to use. Once your website has been created, your objective is to optimize the time spent by each Internet user by working on the conversion rate of visits, i.e. the proportion of visitors who have made a purchase or have contacted you at the end of their visit to your site. To do this, you must be interested in the ergonomics of your website: its use, accessibility, user-friendliness and simplicity. Nothing is left to chance in the design of a web interface: this is why the expertise of web designers is a fundamental experience.

  • The user experience (UX):

    make every visit to your website a memorable experience. The notion of user experience is often more difficult to grasp than that of the user interface. Focusing on the user experience is an attempt to describe the impact of a visit to a website and how the user feels after the visit. Different tools exist to try to measure this experience: polls, tracking, speed zone, speed. We design for you a site that is current, in the age of time – according to the trends identified in the surveys: the user experience evolves with technology, so we keep up to date with the latest trends.

The goal is to create the most enjoyable user experience possible, so that the user’s experience on your site is memorable. At Habefast, we help you to design a pleasant and efficient site, always taking into account the user experience.

Discover our work for Optic2000, an optician with more than 42 stores in French and German-speaking Switzerland.

Do not hesitate to contact us, we will answer all your questions, from the most creative to the most technical, and provide free estimates for your projects.

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FAQ: Webdesign

Why is the web design of a site important?

The web design of a site is important because it is the first thing visitors see. An attractive, intuitive and easy-to-read design is essential to create a good first impression. Visitors won’t bother to look further if the design is bad, and they won’t come back either.

A professional design that appeals to your customers is important to drive traffic to your site. The web design should be designed in such a way that visitors can easily find the information they need and make them want to learn more about your company, product or service.

Why use a webdesigner?

Web design is a specialty that requires great attention to detail. For this reason, we recommend working with a web design expert who will have the experience in the field and the tools and methodologies adapted to anticipate the behaviors of Internet users. The web designer knows how to adapt to the requirements of ergonomics, navigation and graphics when it comes to designing a user interface. He also shows creativity to give life to the project that the client wants.

How much does it cost to design a website?

The web design of a site is a process that requires attention to detail.

Our team will provide you with the necessary means to give you an attractive and professional presentation, as well as a simple and intuitive navigation.

We will take into account all your needs and expectations to create a site that looks like you.

The price of the Webdesign varies from one site to another, but we can offer you a free and personalized quote to accompany you in your project.