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Would you like to call on the services of a consultant to gain perspective on a problem, or to help you achieve your business objectives?

The role of a marketing consultant is to identify new business opportunities and provide solutions to support and accelerate your growth. Whether you need an outside perspective to help your team move forward on a specific issue, or you’re looking for comprehensive strategic support, our Habefast agency provides the expertise to guide you every step of the way.

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The role of the marketing consultant in the value chain

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Marketing describes all activities relating to market knowledge. Marketing is a key discipline, because it enables us to intervene across the entire value chain of a company, from product design to the implementation of marketing techniques.

When a company is seeking to achieve its strategic objectives, it can call on the expertise of a marketing consultant, who offers an independent, specialized perspective while giving you the benefit of his or her experience in a wide range of customer contexts.

A company’s needs vary considerably according to its size and sector of activity. A large company may require specialized expertise on a very specific issue, while an SME will often benefit from the input of a versatile consultant. The latter will need to be able to adapt to a variety of roles and responsibilities, from devising a market strategy, for example, to overseeing digital transformation, from optimizing a website’s SEO to managing print and digital advertising campaigns.

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To meet your objectives, our Habefast agency offers a wide range of expertise, covering areas such as digital transformation, communications strategy, lead generation and acquisition processes, graphic design and employer branding.
We have a team of specialized consultants and experts who keep abreast of the latest innovations and best practices in the industry. Depending on your specific needs, you can call on the expertise of our consultants in a particular field, or opt for more comprehensive support to help your business grow.

We’ve developed a flexible marketing outsourcing model that gives you access to all our business lines. This allows you to leverage our collective expertise to prioritize and effectively address the strategic challenges facing your business.

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Marketing consultant: a strategic partner for your company

Often dedicated to improving corporate performance and digital transformation, our consultants have in-depth expertise in both traditional and digital marketing. They are capable of devising action-oriented marketing strategies and directing multi-channel communication campaigns, while guiding teams and client companies towards achieving their objectives.

With a mastery of a variety of digital tools – from websites and social networking platforms to mobile applications and email marketing – consultants are also skilled in key areas such as SEO and customer acquisition strategies.

They work in collaboration with the company’s various departments to ensure optimum customer satisfaction, and remain constantly focused on key performance indicators (KPIs), guaranteeing measurable progress in line with projected ambitions.

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The role of the marketing consultant and the nature of his mission

The marketing consultant is a key player in the development and execution of strategies that strengthen a company’s market position. Whether at the strategic design stage or during operational implementation, their role ranges from creating targeted offers to boost sales, to developing plans for new product launches. Depending on his or her field of expertise, he or she can orchestrate all marketing actions, from prospect acquisition to customer loyalty, ensuring cohesive and effective communication, marketing success and digital performance.

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What are the main qualities of a marketing consultant?

Regularly subjected to stress, to a certain demand for results and in constant contact with many different interlocutors, including managers of large groups, the marketing consultant must demonstrate many qualities to perform in his job, such as :

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    Good interpersonal and communication skills enable them to manage both customer relations and the teams entrusted to them.

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    Leadership and management skills enable him to convey his ideas and marketing directives more easily.

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    Reactivity and resistance to stressful situations enable him to adapt to different environments and situations, even complex or conflictual ones.

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    Versatility is another of his qualities, particularly in relation to his marketing skills and digital knowledge.

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    Last but not least, because part of a marketing consultant’s job is to increase sales, it needs to have a good understanding of the needs of both the companies he or she supports and the consumers they wish to satisfy.

The consultant: an outside view of your marketing strategy

The intrinsic value of a marketing consultant is fully revealed when he brings an external, objective perspective to a company’s marketing strategy.

Based on your expectations and support needs, he assesses your current communications plan, and identifies challenges and opportunities through a strategic audit. Then, he offers advice, recommendations and shares his experience, all tailored to the specifics of your business. He assists you in the development and deployment of a customized strategy, designed to meet your precise needs.

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Marketing strategy: the cornerstone of your sales ambitions

Developing a marketing strategy is crucial, whether you’re planning to enter a new market or consolidate your presence in an existing one. Strategic marketing can take many forms, but the objective remains constant: our teams are committed to designing and deploying a set of pragmatic levers that will guide your company towards acquiring and retaining customers.

Our marketing consultants focus on generating quality leads, increasing the visibility of your products or services, and devising an effective differentiation strategy. As true allies in your success, we undertake a comprehensive market analysis to fully grasp the nuances of your sector and the needs of your target audience. We also work to establish a distinctive market position, accompanied by a compelling value proposition – solid foundations to propel your growth.

To assess the impact of your marketing strategy, we closely monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) such as sales volumes, customer satisfaction and brand recognition. This ensures a clear understanding of your current successes and the future direction of your industry.

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Multi-sector expertise: a lever to boost your growth with Habefast

Habefast’s marketing consultants draw on a diverse range of skills and in-depth knowledge of multiple business sectors, a major asset in your growth journey.

This multi-sector expertise enables us to provide you with relevant advice and implement with you marketing strategies finely tuned to the specificities and requirements of your field. We are committed to working with your company to design and execute innovative, tailor-made marketing projects that will enhance your market position and open the door to new business opportunities.

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Denis BurdetDenis Burdet
09:41 24 Jun 24
Super expérience avec l'équipe Habefast dans le cadre de la refonte de notre plateforme en ligne trOOdi.ch !Proactive et précise, l'équipe a vraiment été à notre écoute tout au long du projet et a su nous accompagner avec bienveillance.J'avais déjà vécu une très bonne expérience dans le cadre d'un autre mandat de branding relatif à l'identité visuelle de la marque Terre Vaudoise.
Yannick GrivelYannick Grivel
18:03 08 May 24
Le Triathlon de Nyon collabore avec Habefast depuis plusieurs années pour différents éléments. En 2024, ils sont refait intégralement notre site internet. Ils développement également la ligne graphique de chaque édition qui sont toujours originales et de qualité. Le suivi, la qualité et la rapidité d'exécution ou de réponse à nos demandes sont à relever. Je ne peux que les recommander les yeux fermés!
Bastien DrozBastien Droz
09:05 19 Apr 24
Super service et à l'écoute. Je recommande ce partenaire
Nathalie MarmierNathalie Marmier
07:36 03 Dec 23
😃 Je suis très heureuse de travailler avec toute l'équipe d'Habefast. Je me sens soutenue, écoutée et surtout comprise dans mes besoins. 🙏 Merci beaucoup. Je recommande cette agence.👍
Direction EPS RolleDirection EPS Rolle
13:49 15 Nov 23
Nous avons refait nos logos avec Habefast. Tip top, rien à redire. Service après-vente impeccable. A recommander.
Arborisme Leuba SAArborisme Leuba SA
14:06 20 Jun 23
Notre nouvelle marque, identité visuelle, ainsi que notre nouveau site internet viennent d'être terminés avec Habefast. Nous sommes ravis, c'est une équipe réactive, à notre écoute et de bons conseils ! Les visuels sont top, vous pouvez venir voir par vous-même ;)Nous vous les recommandons vivement !
Alexia HamelinAlexia Hamelin
16:40 01 Dec 22
Un très bon atout pour débuter et développer son entreprise : étude de marché au top, conseils avisés et perspicaces pour la suite, réactivité au top lors de grosses échéances. On se sent bien entouré et guidé, je recommande!