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Do you want to enhance the value of your new employees and facilitate their integration? Do you want to facilitate the administrative procedures related to a newcomer? Do you also want to honor employees who have been with your company for a long time? Do you want these employees to become true ambassadors and represent your company? We can help you set up processes and tools to facilitate the onboarding phase and the employee advocacy strategy.

Facilitate the integration of new employees through onboarding

The onboarding phase is part of your employer branding process and corresponds to the integration of new employees within a company. The first hour of presence of the new employee is enough to give a good or bad impression of the company. Don’t discourage your new employee by neglecting them on their first day. Once the recruitment has been carried out and you have selected a candidate for recruitment, you can start this integration phase. It is not always easy to start a job in a new company where everything is unknown. Thanks to the implementation of certain processes or tools, it is possible to welcome the new employee in good conditions.

For example, we offer you to set up a welcome kit for all new employees in your company. Creating a structured HR process allows you to save time when a new person arrives and to offer them a friendly welcome without the risk of forgetting important elements.

It will also show them how important their arrival is to you. Here is the accompaniment that we offer you:

  • Analysis of your organizational context and analysis of your current practices in order to identify the actions implemented and the points to be improved.
  • Proposal of an efficient and structured action plan based on the analyses carried out and adapted to your needs
  • Implementation of the action plan thanks to our various operational teams. We put at your disposal our graphic, web, digital or multimedia teams to create the various supports necessary for its good integration.
  • Analysis of practices and implementation of performance indicators in order to monitor our actions and improve them. We can also create a questionnaire for new employees to analyze their opinions and comments.

Some good practices to implement when welcoming a new employee:

  • Send a welcome guide beforehand or give it to him/her on the day of arrival. This provides important information, particularly concerning administration, working hours and information on accommodation.
  • Conduct a welcome tour to introduce the premises and staff to the new employee. This will allow the new employee to find his or her way around but also to get to know his or her new colleagues. We can discuss with you the optimal path and the important information to be mentioned for this integration.
  • Dedicate an internal person to the integration of new employees. This person will be in charge of the welcome round, will take care of the administrative part but will also be the contact person in case of questions from the new employee.

It is also important to pay special attention to new employees throughout their integration. For example, you can set up regular follow-up points with the manager, especially during the trial period, in order to accompany the employee and take his or her opinion into account. Introducing this mentoring system reassures the new employee that he or she will have someone to confide in. On the other hand, we can help you set up sharing activities to facilitate the new employee’s onboarding. For example, you can organize team building events or set up simple actions, such as organizing surprise meals between a small group of people drawn at random, to get to know each other. This also helps to improve the general atmosphere of the company.

Make your employees ambassadors for your brand: employee advocacy strategy

When your employees are involved in your company, they can become ambassadors and represent your state of mind within the company, especially with new employees outside the company. Indeed, your employees represent the image of your company and build your reputation. It is therefore necessary that they realize their importance and they can justly enhance your company internally and externally and become relays of your company. This HR strategy allows you to value your employees, those with seniority for example, and to develop your brand image. Your employees will be rewarded and put forward by this initiative.

How do you implement an employee advocacy strategy?

  • Select the employees who want to be put forward and who want to represent your brand. It is very important that your employees are committed and agree to do this. For example, you can select managers, trainers and long-term employees who have the desire to pass on their knowledge and values.
  • Set up an action plan with these people:
    • We can help you to create video interviews or testimonials of these employees, to relay them on your website, your career page and your social networks.
    • We can help you to create a booklet on the company’s values or an internal company book.
    • We organize with you a company event such as an anniversary, a Christmas party or a teambuilding event, which highlights your employees and improves your brand image.
  • It is important to adapt your action plan according to the feedback received, the current practices and the organizational context of your company.

The objective is to highlight your employer brand through employees who serve as an example within your company but also for the outside world.

Would you like to implement an onboarding strategy for new employees or an employee advocacy strategy? Contact us and benefit from the expertise of our teams.