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The different campaigns: paper mail, newsletters, emailing

Maintaining a regular relationship with your customers, keeping them informed of your news or discounts are part of your objectives? Are you wondering if your emailing or communication solution is adapted to your needs? We can help you set up loyalty projects and distribution tools.

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Emailing campaigns

Emailing (web direct mail or online direct mail) is a marketing practice consisting in sending the same email to a large number of people (customers, prospects). It is generally used to retain your customers by keeping them informed or rewarding them, or to obtain new customers through a very large volume of email. They are often newsletters, more or less regular, to which your customers can subscribe. Emailing offers the advantage of reaching a very large number of people instantly and at a lower cost. This makes it a particularly interesting means of communication for all types of companies, especially those with limited means but who still want to invest in marketing. The legislation on email marketing must obviously be taken into account. Privacy laws put forward two very important concepts to integrate into your campaigns. The opt-in only sends advertisements to Internet users who have given their permission, by ticking a specific box authorizing a company to send advertising emails. This is the least intrusive version of emailing. The opt-out is the right to unsubscribe, which means that in each advertising email sent, the Internet user must have the possibility to unsubscribe from a company’s database.

The postal mailing or any household

The postal mailing is an effective traditional solution for certain communication campaigns. At Habefast, we take care of the design of your mailing, the printing and the distribution. Flyer, A4, leaflet, everything is possible, you only have to deliver your message, we take care of the rest! We can also integrate reply coupons into your postal mailing: they will increase the response rate. This is a solution often used by local authorities and is very effective.

Habefast service many software and online services offer to ensure your emailing campaigns. However, the main problems are linked to the constitution of the database and the deliverability of the emails. For a startup, for example, it can be difficult to find a customer base at the time of the launch to deliver a branded message to.

Another common problem with emailing is that all emails actually arrive at their destination and are opened (click rate) once they arrive. Furthermore, as the number of advertisers increases, it becomes essential to stand out from the competition: how can I make sure that my email is opened when an average Internet user receives at least 5 emails from advertisers per day? We help you to design and set up attractive emailing campaigns adapted to your objectives.

Our web and communication agency Habefast, aware of the many constraints related to emailing campaigns, offers you a 100% personalized service to accompany your campaign from start to finish.

Habefast offers you a legal expertise

The different laws on privacy and personal data protection can complicate the implementation of emailing campaigns. It is nevertheless very important to scrupulously respect the legal provisions on these campaigns, otherwise your company will be sanctioned. These include opt-in and opt-out provisions. Habefast, strong of its experience, offers you a legal expertise on the subject to allow you to conduct your emailing campaigns in the best conditions.

The creation of B2B and B2CS databases

If you do not yet have a customer base, Habefast offers you its services in data collection: you will be able to reach a large base of customers, sensitive to your brand message.

The content and design of the emailing

One of the golden rules of emailing is to personalize the speech and capture the attention in seconds. Our marketing experts can help you write the right content for your newsletters to increase your chances of reaching your audience. In addition, to stand out from other advertisers, an original and impeccable design is necessary: our graphic designers have extensive experience in designing newsletters, sending and tracking results

Sending and monitoring results

Habefast has the latest professional emailing tools to guarantee you an impeccable quality of service. We will be able to help you in the choice of the tool that best suits your needs and objectives. We use daily advanced analysis tools, which allow us to advise our customers on the evolution of your campaigns. In addition, our 360° communication agency allows us to offer you other media to support your communication: it is often usual to complement an emailing campaign with actions on social networks (link to the social networks page) for example.

The use of marketing automation - or automated marketing - in your emailing campaigns

Marketing automation refers to all the techniques that allow you to automate the initiation and conduct of marketing campaigns, almost without human intervention. Emailing campaigns are particularly adapted to marketing automation actions. It is interesting to set up sequences of messages followed after the download of a file, a request for information, a purchase on an e-commerce site or for a birthday. Reminder emails after abandoning a shopping cart for example are often used and effective to convey your marketing messages.