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In an environment where the web and digital media are evolving at a breakneck speed, it is essential for businesses to stay at the forefront of technology in order to maximize their impact and growth.

In 2023, in Switzerland, 87% of businesses are lagging behind in their digitalization, and 31% of them are absent from Google search results.

Faced with this challenge, our web agency, Habefast, is committed to making digital a vector of influence for our clients. We offer a comprehensive range of digital communication services: website creation, SEO, online advertising, email campaigns… Our primary goal is to help businesses increase their online visibility and support their commercial growth.

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Habefast Web Digital Intro 87 Percent Delay In Digitalisation
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The challenges of digital marketing

Definition of digital marketing

Digital marketing, also known as digital marketing, includes all interactive digital tools to promote products and services in a personalized and direct relationship with consumers: websites, search engines, CMS, social networks, mobile applications, emails etc.

The benefits of implementing a digital marketing strategy

The development of digital marketing is driven by constantly evolving uses and technologies. It facilitates the development of participative marketing, which amplifies the phenomena of information diffusion and contributes to transforming word-of-mouth into viral marketing. It covers notoriety and image objectives as well as sales objectives: online purchase, store visit, appointment booking, etc.

You want to start in digital marketing but don’t know where to start? Our web agency will help you build a coherent and effective digital strategy that reflects your image. Call on our digital agency based in Nyon near Lausanne.

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Creating platforms

Our digital and SEO agency Habefast accompanies you in the design of digital media that will reflect the values of your company and highlight your assets. Our team, composed of marketing specialists and web developers, guarantees the quality of the platforms created with passion by our agency, whether they are on mobile, tablet or computer. In order to offer you a complete service, we offer:

  • Habefast Web Digital Platforms Creation Website

    Creation of websites of all kinds: showcase website, e-commerce website ...

    Always looking for information, customers want immediate access to your products or services in all circumstances. Offering your customers the possibility to obtain information quickly and this 365 days a year has become essential. Our web agency Habefast helps you to build an ergonomic, design and SEO-optimized website.

  • Habefast Web Digital Platforms Creation Application

    Web and mobile application creation

    The creation of applications can be a good way to complete your digital presence, accompanying your website. Indeed, this type of support is booming, especially in Switzerland which is the second largest user of applications after South Korea (according to Statista). Our web designers guarantee the creation of quality applications to highlight your products or services. Defining a marketing communication strategy is fundamental to generate traffic on your website.

  • Habefast Web Digital Platforms Creation Presentation

    Creation of interactive presentations

    Do you want to demonstrate the attractiveness of your company at trade fairs or professional events? Do you want to showcase your know-how in an original, interactive and fun way? Our agency offers the creation of tailor-made interactive presentations. Technological advances are relevant communication tools to improve your brand image.

Traffic Creation

In order to ensure a long term follow-up, we also offer strategic digital support that will allow you to improve your presence on the web. To do this, our experts and our communication manager propose various strategic levers:

  • Habefast Web Digital Traffic Generation Picto Digital Marketing

    Digital marketing

    Our Habefast agency offers strategic and operational support with a project manager to help you seize the marketing opportunities created by new technologies. We help you to increase the visibility of your company on the web and to target the right Internet users during your digital advertising campaigns.

  • Habefast Web Digital Traffic Generation Picto Natural Indexing Seo

    Natural referencing

    Our experts in digital strategy help you to build a high-performance website optimized (SEO) for search engines. After an audit of your site, we work on its content and organization so that it is optimized for Google algorithms and thus well placed in the search results, even before carrying out paid advertising. This is also valid for a website redesign.

  • Habefast Web Digital Traffic Generation Picto Adwords Campaign Sea

    AdWords Campaign

    Payable advertising on Google, also called SEA (Search Engine Advertising), increases your visibility on Google searches. We help you to establish an effective advertising strategy and to implement it on social networks for a web communication with more impact.

  • Habefast Web Digital Traffic Generation Picto Social Networks

    Social Networks

    Social networks have become an essential communication lever for companies. Our experts in digital marketing help you build a powerful brand community and an impactful advertising strategy on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or YouTube in your image.

  • Habefast Web Digital Traffic Generation Picto Emailing Campaign

    Emailing Campaign

    Whether you want to generate new leads or retain your existing customers, the implementation of newsletters can be a good way to achieve your goals. Our digital web communication agency Habefast accompanies you in the implementation of e-mailing campaigns as well as in the search for relevant email addresses.

  • Habefast Web Digital Traffic Generation Picto Big Data

    Big Data

    Better know the needs of your consumers, create a new need in terms of consumption, anticipate future trends … The applications of Big Data are many and varied. To make the best use of these opportunities, our Habefast agency helps you in collecting relevant data, choosing the right analysis tools or setting up an operational strategy based on the conclusions of the analysis.

Why use our digital agency for your web projects?

At Habefast, we know that it can be difficult to find your way through these numerous possibilities. This is why we offer you a 360° digital support to help you select the most efficient and adapted media for your activity. Our multidisciplinary team, composed of marketing specialists, SEO specialists, Google referrers and developers, offers you a range of web and digital solutions ranging from the SEO analysis of your site, the creation of your website to its optimization for natural referencing, through the creation of mobile applications or the management of social networks.

Habefast, presentation of our Swiss web agency

  • Habefast Web Digital Presentation Of Our Agency Picto Based In Switzerland

    Created in 2012, Habefast, our Swiss web agency is based in Nyon in the canton of Geneva. We operate throughout the French-speaking part of Switzerland and are proud to serve a diverse clientele from Geneva to Neuchâtel, via Lausanne and Fribourg.

  • Habefast Web Digital Presentation Of Our Agency Picto 10 Yars Of Experience

    With an experience of more than 10 years and more than 600 satisfied clients, we build business development and brand awareness strategies for our clients and we implement them thanks to our different expertises.

  • Habefast Web Digital Presentation Of Our Agency Picto Prestations Panel

    We have a wide range of services which is made possible by a permanent team of over 25 experts based in Nyon. Our expertise in the field of digital marketing allows us to work with organizations of all sizes, from start-ups to small and medium-sized businesses, as well as the most established industries. We understand that every company has growth objectives in terms of conversions and service development, which are specific to their area of expertise, sector and competitive market.

  • Habefast Web Digital Presentation Of Our Agency Picto New Concepts

    We constantly monitor new concepts and best practices to be taken into consideration in the digital world, to offer customized solutions to each project and also adapted to their sector of activity. We have a culture of results and we put in place KPIs to analyze the return on investment of the actions implemented. This is how we establish a relationship of trust with each of our customers, based on a common goal of success.

  • Habefast Web Digital Presentation Of Our Agency Picto Achievement Of Your Goals

    Nous sommes, à la fois, à votre écoute et convaincus que notre partenariat peut vous aider à mettre en place une solution marketing digitale sur mesure et atteindre vos objectifs de ventes.

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