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Do you want to create a PowerPoint presentation that reflects your company’s image? Or would you like to improve your presentation to make it more effective?

Our global communication agency will help you meet all your presentation needs, whether it’s for a corporate presentation, a product or service presentation or a response to a call for tenders.

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A well-structured PowerPoint presentation for a successful speech.

The PowerPoint software is no longer necessary. Part of the Microsoft Office suite, it allows you to create a slide show that is a good support for an oral presentation. The objective is to put key information on the slides, in order to create a common thread for the presenter. In this way, he will not only know how to build his speech, but it will also allow him not to forget anything.

As the PowerPoint presentation is the basis on which the speaker builds, it must be well structured so that the speech is well structured too. It is therefore a visual tool for the presenter but also for the audience. In fact, the speaker will know at a glance what he or she is supposed to say and the audience will be able to follow the speech and, above all, memorize the key information.

Preparing a PowerPoint presentation in advance therefore takes time. It must be structured, legible and easily understood by the greatest number of people. The speaker must also know immediately which idea he wants to develop through this key information.

To do this, we must start by asking ourselves the following questions: What message do we want to convey? What are the important data not to miss? What do we want the audience to take away from this presentation?

These questions will allow you to organize your ideas and your speech, but also to be sure to give all the information you want to convey to your audience.

Depending on what is at stake in your presentation, it will be more or less important that your message is well conveyed and memorized. Did you know that 90% of the information transmitted to the brain is visual and that an individual retains on average 10% of what he hears versus 80% of what he sees? The PowerPoint presentation makes sense, but it must be well prepared. After your presentation, your audience will mainly remember your PowerPoint rather than your pitch. It is therefore fundamental to make it well done by devoting the necessary time to the content and the form.

As you will have understood, making a company, project, service or product presentation requires a good support. This allows you to visualize your speech because it is important that you do not read a written text but that you speak to your audience. The message will be all the clearer that way.

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Habefast Services Well Structured Powerpoint Presentation 02
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A dynamic PowerPoint presentation to make an impression.

Your PowerPoint presentation is the support of your speech but also the one that your audience will use to follow you.

It is therefore a visual support. The more interactive it is, the more your audience will be captivated. To this end, the presentation software provides animation tools to highlight key figures or important data. It is important that your presentation is dynamic to make the message as clear as possible but also as captivating as possible. In addition, we will help you integrate visuals and computer graphics that will give impact to your presentation because 65% of people have a visual memory.

It is therefore important that your slides leave visual traces in the minds of your audience.

In order to memorize your company for your audience, it is important that your presentation respects your graphic charter, through the fonts you use but also the colors. We can also customize your bulleted lists with your logo or with the symbol representing your company. In this way, your audience will memorize your visual identity.

Creating a presentation therefore requires a lot of work on the substance, through the content which must be structured, clear and organized but also a lot of work on the form. This demonstrates your professionalism and gives your clients a trustworthy image.

Why use PowerPoint consultants?

Our global communication agency is composed of a pole of dedicated PowerPoint experts. We will put at your disposal the know-how of our marketing project managers and copywriters to work on the impact of your message and our graphic designers and illustrators to work on the form. You will have a complete presentation through striking content but also a dynamic layout to captivate your audience. Our expertise in PowerPoint consulting will allow you to know what needs to be changed or improved and why.

For the realization of your professional presentations, our PowerPoint specialist will accompany you on the content to be put in your presentation, so that your message is clear and relevant. He will also help you to highlight your key figures and the idea you want to convey. Ideally, your slideshows should be organized like this: a slide should represent an idea. It is possible to add notes for your presenter so that the presentation is concise and airy. This way you won’t have to make an incessant number of clicks and it will be your transition from one idea to the next. Whether you are making your presentation or starting from an existing presentation, we will help you present a new version of your oral presentations using a single power point. Our PowerPoint experts will guide you through the form of your presentation with the help of impactful visuals. Indeed, our graphic designers will be able to create unique computer graphics to illustrate your main information and your figures to remember, but also to make you stand out with your visual identity and make sure it is well remembered.

Our double expertise allows you to have a complete accompaniment where a PowerPoint agency will be more specialized on the form and the animation of your presentation.

Are you now convinced that you want to use a PowerPoint agency?

We can offer you different types of support according to your needs:

  • Work on the storytelling and the structure of your presentations. This will allow you to redo an indefinite number of presentations in your own image, without the need for PowerPoint training.

  • Creation of PowerPoint masks.

  • Improvement of existing content.

Don’t forget, your words disappear while your PowerPoint remains.