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You have a project but would you like to better understand your market? Do you want to redefine your ambition and clarify your objectives? Do you want to reorganize yourself to be more competitive? Do you want to optimize your processes and implement new productivity tools? The Habefast consulting agency offers you a complete strategic support. Every day, we bring our creativity and our know-how to companies, by helping them to achieve their growth objectives and by building a thoughtful and ambitious approach.

A company strategy, what for?

Every company has day-to-day management issues: resource management, order taking, quarterly results, etc. These objectives are essential in the short term but must be combined with a long-term business strategy that allows you to better manage your risks. Having a coherent and precise development strategy can enable you to obtain a real competitive advantage by giving meaning to your business project and capitalizing on your company’s strengths. Our agency advises and assists its clients in the elaboration of management consulting, strategic management or digital strategy, all to ensure an improvement of your company’s performance.

Establishing a business strategy will allow you to create more value by optimizing the organization of work and by implementing a change management.

Boost your business strategy with the Habefast consulting agency

Thanks to our multi-sector experience, we make a point of quickly understanding the specificities of your company, whatever your sector of activity. Our team of consultants is fully aware of the business development and digital transformation challenges and accompanies you throughout the process. We are available to provide you with development and management advice. Working together, we establish a strategic plan and coherent transformation projects through audits and the identification of key success factors. In addition to our consulting activity, our web design agency and our multimedia department, we also provide you with digital tools and speedy, agile and innovative applications, without multiplying the number of contacts in your operational processes.

Varied expertise for strategies adapted to your needs

Habefast consulting firm, offers a large variety of services to achieve your growth objectives and support your strategic needs. Our missions: make you gain in agility and competitiveness while optimizing your customer relationship. 

  • Strategic analysis of your ecosystem

    At Habefast, we believe that reaching your objectives requires an overall vision of your company, your market and your economic and social environment.

    Our strategic consulting consultants carry out market studies, customer knowledge plans, competitive intelligence and benchmarking to help you in your strategic decisions and for your commercial development.

  • Diagnosis of your company

    At the time of digitalization, our team also establishes a precise diagnosis of your company. We study your costs and realize customer satisfaction surveys in order to know your strengths and weaknesses. Thus, when we establish the strategic plan, we focus on your assets to turn them into real competitive advantages on which you can rely to generate sustainable growth.

  • Strategic orientation and growth strategy consulting

    Following our external and internal studies, we advise you on the strategic choices to pursue in order to develop your business and maximize the customer experience.

  • Strategic planning

    We make our growth strategy consulting concrete by establishing coherent and achievable objectives and planning innovative marketing, communication and sales action plans.

  • Project management

    Our team sets up an action plan based on various predefined levers. Our web and design agency and our multimedia department allow you to realize your advertising and digital campaigns without multiplying the number of interlocutors. Your website is the showcase of your offer, its redesign can also be carried out by our agency in order to bring your desired image in line with your perceived image.

  • Performance monitoring

    The Habefast strategy consulting firm also allows you to monitor the results of your new strategy. We put in place several performance indicators that allow you to measure the return on investment after the implementation of the strategic plan.

Benefit from the help of our innovative communication and strategy consulting agency.
Our experts specialized in the fields of web, design, marketing, etc. are there to accompany you in all stages of your projects, whatever they are, and help you achieve your goals.

Examples of missions based on business strategy

  • Various consulting missions in organizational strategy.

  • Mission of optimization of the work processes of our customers.

  • Accompaniment in the creation of the most suitable organization for an optimal functioning of the company.

  • Financial analysis and identification of cost optimization levers to allow a more optimized and sustainable performance for the company.

  • Mission of data analysis in the context of internal or external growth projects of the company.