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Our photographers have experience in all sectors and adapt to your needs.

The quality of the photographs used in your communication and marketing processes can make the difference over the competition. The quality of the photographs used in your communication and marketing processes can make the difference with the competition. From staging to photo retouching, our photo agency offers you a complete management of your project.

Habefast Photo CorporateCorporate photos

Our professional photographers are specialized in corporate photos and are experts in portrait or group shots: from the simplest to the most sophisticated, photo shoots are a quality solution to present your team. Depending on the desired use of these photos, we can make individual portraits of all your employees, in your premises or studio shots, or group photos to give a more global point of view of your team.

Our photo and video studio can implement several techniques to make realistic and effective shots of your professional environment through a photo shoot or a report. Our photo and video studio can use several techniques to make realistic and effective pictures of your professional environment through a photo shoot or a report. Thanks to photos taken by drone, 360° photos and architectural photos, your premises can be exposed in their entirety and thus give confidence to your interlocutors, who will like to represent your working environment while being creative. Moreover, our team can make photo reports in your companies, to capture your atmosphere and represent your values.

Habefast Photo EventPhotos of events

Our teams can be present at events that you organize and provide full photo coverage. We can enhance the value of the photographs produced for the events field by integrating them into a global communication strategy: to gain notoriety with your contacts and sponsors. Our marketing experts can help you to distribute your photos in the best possible way, by setting up a personalized distribution strategy while working on the image for the company.

Habefast Photo PublicitaireAdvertising photos

We have a large experience of photo shootings in several fields of activity (culinary photography, fashion photography, sports photography, artistic photography, animal photography, watchmaking…). Whatever your sector of activity, we can bring our expertise and accompany you in the creation of advertising media to promote your products and services. From scripting to post-processing, our photo studio takes care of the whole process up to the final shot. The photo shootings, tailored to your needs, can be integrated into powerful and effective advertising campaigns.

Habefast Photo PackshotPackshot Photos

You need to create a commercial brochure, a quality photo taken by a professional photographer for your e-commerce site? Our professional photographers have experience in object shooting and will be able to highlight your products in all your communication media.

Habefast Photo ArchitectureArchitectural photos

Our photographers prepare the architectural shoots beforehand and identify precisely the right moments to capture the best of your buildings. Thanks to this expertise, we will be able to highlight every detail of your project and we will propose you an original photograph marked by the photographic style of our professional.

Habefast Photo HorlogerieClockmaking photos

Our photographers have extensive experience in clockmaking photos – watch models, mechanisms. Thanks to this experience, they produce quality pictures of your products, in the image of your brand. Image processing also allows them to catch the eye on the mechanism or materials used to make your watches.

Habefast Photo CulinaireCulinary photos

Our photographers can take all types of culinary photos: shooting of your creations, staging of your workshops, highlighting your products. Quality photos are an effective way to showcase your skills and your activity.

Adapted services

Because each client is unique, we adapt our services to your needs, to help you achieve your goals. We have at our disposal a network of photo studios throughout the French-speaking part of Switzerland, which allows us to work as close as possible to your premises or shooting locations that inspire you. We adapt the opening hours of our studios and the working hours of our teams to your needs, so that we are available 7 days a week and are very flexible concerning the duration of the shootings: one hour, one day or several days, we do our utmost to produce the best pictures.