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Are you a business owner who wants to sell your business or raise funds in the coming months or years? Do you need support to maximize the value of your company? Our strategy consulting agency offers you support from A to Z to maximize the value of your company.

What is business valuation?

Assessing the value of a company will be essential in three scenarios: An Initial Public Offering (IPO), a fund raising or a sale of a company. A company valuation is an estimate of the market value of your company. In the case of a sale, it is important to know that the value of your company does not necessarily represent the final price during the buy-out process. It will be adjusted following negotiations between the seller and the buyer. Maximizing the value of your business is therefore fundamental. As a strategy consulting agency, our dedicated experts will accompany you throughout your project.

What are the factors that maximize the value of your business?

The valuation of a company will encompass several elements starting with the analysis of the income statement and balance sheet. However, valuation will not only be based on your company’s financial data, but also on qualitative factors that are the responsibility of the marketing and sales departments. Our experts will evaluate the market potential, the key success factors of your company, characteristics to be taken into account in the valuation.

  • A detailed and quantified vision of the company's potential

    Our experts dedicated to your project offer you a complete audit of your marketing and communication department in order to establish a state of the existing situation and discern the levers to maximize the value and sale of your company. The goal: to have a global vision of your company’s growth strategy in order to exploit the capabilities and competitive advantages that result from it.

  • An analysis of the marketing and communication department's structuring

    A well-structured marketing department that is optimized to achieve its objectives will have every chance of increasing the overall value of the company. To do so, our experts are at your disposal for a monthly support. They provide you with support to optimize your working methods, tools and strategies according to your objectives.

  • A reflection on the tools used and to be used

    The quality and type of tools you use on a daily basis will have a positive impact on the value of your business. For example, having an integrated CRM tool shows that you have some control over your customer relations and that you are sensitive to their loyalty and satisfaction. It will also be essential to have qualitative data analysis tools to allow you to monitor various performance indicators useful for the development of your company.

We accompany you throughout your project

After performing a complete audit of your marketing and communication department, we help you implement actions that will lead to an increase in the value of your company in the short term. Our agency offers you a 360° accompaniment according to your needs and the modifications necessary to maximize the value of your company.

Examples of missions based on business valuation

  • Strategic coaching missions to set up a structure and elements that will optimize the value of a company, particularly in order to secure potential buyers.

  • Mission of modeling and optimization of processes to allow a better organization in the company.

  • Mission of digital transformation to allow the company to have an optimal functioning with adapted tools and softwares.