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Do you want to attract new talent? Would you like to reduce your recruitment costs? Do you want to promote a positive image of your company while retaining your current employees? Our experts will accompany you throughout your HR projects, from digitalization to employee loyalty.

In the digital age, social networks and various discussion sites provide quick access to your company’s information. From your core business to your working methods, a lot of data can be shared on the web and will gradually build your brand image and even your employer brand.

What is the employer brand?

The employer brand is represented by the image conveyed by a company to its employees and also to its potential candidates. Intimately linked to your e-reputation, the employer brand requires monitoring and responsiveness to be controlled. Once mastered, you ensure the diffusion of a positive image consistent with the values of your company on the web. This virtuous circle will then allow you to attract new talent in line with your company’s philosophy, your recruitment expectations and also to retain your current employees.

Companies with a good employer brand reduce their recruitment costs by 43%.

Our strategy consulting agency will help you to enhance your employer brand in a global way. We can collaborate with you on 4 major universes inherent to human resources:

  • Employer branding and HR marketing:

    Enhance your employer brand and define your HR marketing strategy to promote your company’s values to your current employees and potential candidates.

  • The creation of your recruitment campaigns:

    Create and deploy your recruitment campaigns in an original way to optimize your search for new talent while controlling your costs.

  • Developing processes for onboarding and employee advocacy:

    Integrating new recruits and retaining existing talent by creating new concepts.

  • The digital transformation of your HR department:

    Facilitates internal communication and processes with the implementation of digitalization tools dedicated to your HR department, such as HRIS or TTYs.

Whatever the field of activity of your company and the size of your business, our dedicated division works with you hand in hand to help you achieve your human resources objectives.

We adapt to you and your needs; our support can be in the form of a global or partial offer. You can also opt for a monthly fixed-price support package to monitor your projects from start to finish.