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Do you want to automate the processing of information to optimize the working time of your teams? Are you hesitating to invest in a new software but are not sure you have found the one that will perfectly meet your expectations? Are you planning to launch a new product or service? Is your profitability declining? Our Habefast consulting agency can help you to establish a precise diagnosis of your needs and to find efficient solutions to meet them.

A changing business world

Annual intelligence, big data, digital marketing, automation… New technologies are constantly developing and offer new opportunities to companies. They offer more and more complete solutions to facilitate the tasks of your teams, allow greater mobility and, above all, provide access to a significant amount of information. Used properly, these innovative methods can give you a real competitive advantage over your competitors.

Digital transformation is a real opportunity to gain efficiency if you make the right investment decisions.

Analyzing your business model in several steps

Today, a multitude of solutions exist to meet similar needs. In order to find the most appropriate answer to your problem, our team of consultants can perform a complete audit of your business.

A project manager will be dedicated to your business analysis and will perform an internal and external diagnosis. Thanks to a market analysis and an analysis of the needs of the consumers you are targeting, you will be able to readjust your marketing actions.

  • External analysis

    Thanks to our tools and our consulting, we study the environment in which your company evolves: in-depth market analysis, analysis of your direct and indirect competitors, trends in your sector of activity, negotiating power of your suppliers. The objective of this step is to know the ins and outs of your business sector in order to understand the opportunities and potential risks involved. This will enable you to draw up a marketing plan in line with the trends in your sector and the customer’s expectations.

  • Internal analysis

    Our team also examines your company’s internal organization. We observe the structure of your teams and processes, your operating costs, the gaps between your objectives and your results. The idea is to draw up a complete assessment of the position in which your company finds itself. Our aim is to provide you with decision-making support through effective risk management.

  • Business model analysis

    In this third step, we will examine each component of your business strategy and work together on your business model: the key resources on which your company is based and the use you currently make of them, your key activities. We will also analyze your current positioning to determine your value proposition, your target customer segments, your distribution channels. Finally, we look at financial issues: what are your costs, your sources of revenue, your suppliers, your margin, etc.? Thanks to these studies, you have an overview of your marketing strategies and the distribution of your company’s marketing budget.

Thanks to this business analysis, our team of project managers can identify the needs of the various stakeholders and discover the untapped potential of your company in order to find the right solutions. Through a market study and the evolution of your brand image, we evaluate the feasibility of your offer and try to improve your customer relationship. Our goal: to enable you to exploit your key success factors in order to highlight your competitive advantage.

A tailor-made solution

After having drawn up a complete diagnosis of your company, our consulting agency Habefast will draw up a set of specifications that will be validated by you before proposing operational solutions.

After your validation, our business analysts will evaluate the different information systems available in order to find the one that will best meet your operational needs and specifications. The project manager dedicated to your company will check the adequacy of the solutions found with your needs before proposing a set of recommendations.

We can also respond to a problem you have identified. Through a real project management, we analyze the different options available and your competitive strengths to solve it. We will help you select the most appropriate solution according to your strategic needs, and we will assist you in the selection of the best solution.

The solutions in practice

The solutions we implement:

  • Definition of a new global marketing strategy: work on the positioning of your offer, planning of new communication methods, work on your visual identity, launch of advertising campaigns.

  • Definition of a new digital strategy: creation of a website, redesign of your current site to improve its ergonomics and its natural referencing, creation of digital advertising campaigns.

  • Technological support: installation of new software, automation of your processes.

  • Organizational support: optimization of internal organization, training of your teams in new working methods, writing of retro-planning and specifications for your projects.

  • Tender management. Our agency regularly responds to calls for tenders. We have acquired an expertise on this subject and we are able to accompany you throughout this process: strategy, positioning, offer, pricing, graphic design of documents.