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Are you considering adopting a multi-channel acquisition strategy and looking to leverage digital marketing to extend the reach of your offers and the visibility of your company?

The digital revolution has redefined consumer habits, prompting companies to adopt innovative communication strategies to maintain their competitiveness and modernize their business models. This shift has emphasized the personalization of customer relations through the use of new tools. Companies now have the ability to continuously adjust their strategies to align with changing consumer expectations.

Habefast, our digital marketing agency, is at the forefront of this transformation. We optimize our customers’ strategies by integrating email marketing, SEO, online advertising and content marketing, enabling them to effectively reach their audiences and increase their conversion rates. In this way, we ensure that our customers’ online presence is in line with their ambitious business objectives.

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Digital marketing agency, strategy and channels for your online presence

Digital marketing encompasses a variety of interactive tools used to promote products and services, establishing direct, personalized relationships with consumers. It touches on all digital touchpoints, such as the Internet, smartphones and tablets, and its expansion is fueled by ever-changing technologies and user behaviors.

Establishing a digital marketing strategy starts with thinking about and selecting the right channels for your industry. It will then define how these will interact and reinforce each other to generate synergy, optimizing the overall impact of your online presence and maximizing the return on investment of every action taken.

Among the channels most commonly used to engage consumers are search engine optimization (SEO), paid advertising (PPC), content marketing and social networking strategies. These tools offer brands the ability to make relevant connections with their audience, refine their brand image and extend their reach.

Optimizing the variables of these channels offers companies real targeting precision thanks to advanced analytical data. Brands can refine their advertising messages, optimize their ROI and develop participative marketing campaigns that transform word-of-mouth.

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The main digital marketing channels

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    SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

    SEO is a digital marketing channel that enhances the visibility and notoriety of a website on search engines. Its underlying aim is to attract more traffic and boost conversions such as lead generation or additional sales.

  1. SEO audit

    In-depth analysis of your site to identify optimization opportunities and technical challenges.

  2. Digital ecosystem analysis

    Online presence assessment to understand the competitive environment and identify best practices.

  3. SEO-optimized website design

    Development of websites with architecture and content designed to improve search engine rankings.

  4. SEO content creation

    Relevant, keyword-rich content to attract and engage the target audience.

  5. Netlinking strategy

    Setting up quality inbound links to increase site notori

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    SEA (Search Engine Advertising) paid advertising

    SEA involves the use of paid advertising to increase online visibility. It’s the main lever for digital acquisition, and is often used in parallel with an SEO strategy. Here are all the relevant actions to implement in your digital strategy:

  1. Google Ads

    Creation of advertising campaigns on Google to target specific keywords and reach potential customers. The search engine offers a wide variety of distribution media: Google search (text results), Google display (visual banners), Youtube (video content).

  2. Facebook Ads and LinkedIn Ads

    Use of social platforms for targeted campaigns based on user demographics, interests and behavior.

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    Content creation

    Content is at the heart of any digital strategy, so we can help you with these various actions:

  1. Choice of editorial line

    Defining a unique voice and style that reflect the brand and its values.

  2. Creation of textual and visual content

    Production of diversified content, from blog articles to posts on social networks and Google My Business, as well as infographics and illustrations.

  3. Professional photo and video production

    Thanks to our LakeProd photo studio, we produce photographic and videographic (and even cinematographic) content for promotion on YouTube and social networks.

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    Social Network Strategy and Influence Marketing

    These channels allow us to broaden our reach and engage directly with the public, and are also relevant in terms of brand awareness:

  1. Social network management

    Create and share content, interact with subscribers, and analyze performance to strengthen online presence.

  2. Influence marketing

    Collaboration with influencers to reach new audiences and add credibility to the brand.

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    Our digital marketing support offer

    Our agency offers a flexible, personalized approach to digital marketing. Whether you need specific support on a particular channel or an integrated strategy encompassing several levers, we’re ready to meet your needs.

    We offer targeted interventions on specific channels such as SEO, SEA, content creation, or social networks. Alternatively, for those seeking comprehensive support, we have developed an outsourcing model that enables you to benefit from all our different areas of expertise, according to your urgencies and objectives.

    With our different operational business lines, you benefit from a strategic partnership that adapts to your evolving needs and maximizes your online impact.

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Habefast, our all-round digital marketing agency

Our agency brings together various areas of expertise to meet all your digital communication needs. Our team is made up of experts specialized in various fields: graphic design, web development, data analysis, strategy, content creation, SEO, community management, and we are constantly on the lookout for the latest innovations and trends, ensuring a dynamic and up-to-date approach to every project.

We are proud to work with clients from Geneva to Lausanne and Nyon. This regional proximity enables us to understand and respond effectively to the specifics of the local market, while offering a personalized and responsive service.

The quality of our work is recognized by certifications such as Google Partner and Semrush Agency Partner, testifying to our commitment to excellence and innovation in digital marketing. These certifications underline our expertise in SEO, SEA, and analytics, ensuring our customers digital marketing strategies based on best practices and the latest industry trends.

At Habefast, our raison d’être is to contribute to your success and visibility online. We work closely with you to develop tailor-made strategies that reflect your goals and values, while maximizing your digital impact through creative and effective campaigns.


Our Habefast digital marketing agency helps inspiring and ambitious brands excel in the digital space. Thanks to our wide range of skills and constant monitoring of digital trends, we offer comprehensive expertise to respond precisely to every facet of your projects.

From SEO strategy design to targeted paid advertising campaigns, from content creation to community management, our range of services is designed to adapt and evolve according to your needs.