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Do you want to strengthen the capabilities of your marketing department? Do you lack the time to recruit a marketing manager? Our Habefast agency offers you a tailor-made outsourcing service, to best meet your needs.

Outsourcing, for what type of company?

Today, marketing plays a key role in the overall strategy of the company. New technologies have revolutionized traditional marketing techniques. New digital marketing methods offer a scientific and more rational method to support your sales efforts and enhance your brands. A company that masters these new processes can change the balance of power in the market and gain a real competitive advantage. To avoid giving way to your challengers, it is advisable to constantly adapt your marketing strategy to optimize results. Outsourcing your marketing to specialists can be a solution to stay at the forefront of the discipline.

Whether you are a creative company needing to build a visual identity, an SME without an internal marketing department, an association, a community with one-off needs, or a large company that wants to delegate all or part of its marketing strategy over the long term, outsourcing is a solution made for you. By working with our marketing and communication agency, you have at your disposal an experienced marketing manager, dedicated to your project, according to a pre-determined monthly fee based on your needs. He will be your main contact and will then involve different members of our team depending on the marketing actions. Our mission: to set up a marketing project in line with your image, your action plan and the expectations of your company’s customers.

Why choose Habefast marketing outsourcing?

With a multi-sector experience, our team of passionate people can easily adapt to the specificities of your activity and your company and adapt to marketing trends. Whatever the size of your structure, we create a tailor-made marketing strategy and plan that will perfectly meet the needs, even punctual, of your company. To guarantee maximum results, it is preferable for marketing outsourcing to be established over the long term. This way, you benefit from a relationship of trust and transparency with our agency that allows you to visibly improve your results, your return on investment and your customer relations.

Whatever your sector of activity, marketing outsourcing marketing has several advantages for your company:

  • Focus on your core business, we take care of the rest.

    Thanks to outsourced marketing, you save time that you can put at your disposal for your main activity. Your team can then concentrate on other tasks inherent to the operation or development of your business.

  • Structure your marketing activities to improve performance.

    Our marketing agency Habefast helps you to create an optimized and effective marketing strategy. We dedicate a marketing specialist to your project who will be your privileged interlocutor during all the duration of your collaboration. Together, you build a marketing strategy that corresponds to your needs and ensure the loyalty of your customers. You keep control thanks to regular updates that allow you to follow the evolution of our strategy without having to worry about the operational part of the plan.

  • Reduce your costs while improving your performance.

    Your marketing budget is limited and you don’t want to create an internal marketing department in your company? Your needs are not sufficient to create a permanent position? Our marketing agency Habefast offers you a complete accompaniment without multiplying the intermediaries. Our dedicated project manager follows your project while involving, if necessary, other trades of the agency: graphic designers, web designers, developers. This way, you gain in efficiency and benefit from the specific skills of a complete team for a much lower budget than hiring a marketing manager. You can use the saved resources to invest in other projects.

  • Benefit from an innovative look at your strategy

    Your team lacks the time to monitor the competition in depth? You don’t have time to get informed and apply all the latest recommendations to optimize your communication on social networks? In this age of digitalization, marketing is constantly evolving. Thanks to market research, our experts keep a watchful eye on new developments and adapt very quickly to these new methods. You will benefit from the latest digital tools at a lower cost, and our team of project managers will bring you a fresh look at your strategy thanks to their creativity and ability to innovate. Our integrated web and design agencies allow us to offer a 360° support to guarantee you the best results.

Our services in practice:

  • Diagnosis and assessment of the company's marketing activity

  • Market research in anticipation of opening new markets.

  • Accompaniment of the launch of a new product or service:

    determination of the positioning of the offer, packaging, advertising campaign, digital advertising campaign (Google Ads), launch of a showcase website, creation of visual identity, creation of e-commerce platform.

  • Marketing strategy review for a product or service already in place:

    product positioning, visual identity, merchandising, growth hacking strategy, etc.