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Do you want to make an impression on each of your interlocutors as soon as someone reads one of your emails? Is developing a coherent brand image one of your objectives? Our web and communication agency helps you in your project and takes care of the formatting of your email signature.

The importance of a coherent visual identity on all your communication media

The visual identity does not stop at the creation of the logo or the graphic charter, it is also important to ensure the consistency of all your communication media. In order to have an adapted communication, the company must define its visual identity according to its values and its desired evolution.

Habefast’s graphic design agency first carries out a complete audit of your strategy, your brand image and your sector of activity in order to elaborate for you the most adapted visual identity. We attach great importance to the clearness, representativeness, coherence and differentiation of your brand image. Once these factors are combined, you will have a visual identity that is easily identifiable and memorable, as well as a complete graphic charter to provide to your employees. This visual identity can also be used for your marketing campaigns and will help your customers to identify the image of your company.

The communication media on which you export your visual identity are numerous and all need to be carefully considered: advertising design, social networks, business cards, letterhead, letters, etc. The signature in HTML format, or electronic signature, is too often neglected and yet you can make the difference with it.

The stakes of an HTML signature

A neglected signature has a negative impact

Your HTML signature is the last thing that each of your recipients will see from you when they read one of your emails, so it is the last impression they will keep in mind after closing this email. Your brand image is at stake for every email sent. If your interlocutors do not necessarily notice a perfectly neat electronic signature, they will not fail to notice the absence or defects of a rushed email signature.

Thanks to Habefast, you can quickly obtain a neat electronic signature that is bug-free, regardless of the browser used, and which gives an impression of rigor and has a positive impact on your brand image. Our mission: to create a signature that reflects your image, including all the information you need for your customers or for your internal communication. The contact information, adding a link to your company’s website while creating the signature image from A to Z, will be part of the tasks entrusted to our art directors and graphic designers.

The advantages of a beautiful email signature

Your HTML signature is not only a reflection of your brand image.

  • it's a business card for your collaborators

    At the time of digitalization, paper business cards are less and less distributed, hence the interest of a refined email signature.

  • it's a tool that can be adapted to your digital communication campaigns

    You can insert links in the electronic signature of your email address. This is often an opportunity to link back to your website, and thus generate traffic. In addition, these links can send back to your various communication platforms – your social networks in particular. During a campaign on your social networks, it can be interesting to integrate links to these networks to give more visibility to the campaign.

Habefast realizes for you a design for coherent and responsive HTML signatures

Habefast realizes personalized email signatures for all the members of your company, adapted to all supports and browsers.

40% of smartphone owners say they always check their email on their phone rather than on a computer. We understand the importance of signing our emails with a responsive HTML signature. This means that it will adapt to the screen on which it appears. In general, your signature must be perfectly readable regardless of the email client used by your contacts. You can’t afford to have a signature with bugs on a mail client if you want to develop a rigorous brand image.

In our Habefast web agency, we take very seriously the coherent development of your visual identity, on all visual supports. This is why we create for you a meticulous and responsive design of your HTML signature. We advise you and realize this design, so that each of your emails reflects a coherent and elegant image of your company.

We had the pleasure to realize the signature and the communication supports of the Clinique La Lignière, discover our case study now.