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Do you want to increase your visibility and sales? Would you like to have more inbound contacts and prospects? Do you want to implement marketing actions that offer a real return on investment? Inbound marketing can be done for you and we invite you to discover its foundations below.

Inbound marketing, or the art of attracting customers

Definition of inbound marketing

Inbound marketing is a marketing strategy that is more nuanced than traditional marketing practices. Depending on your objectives to improve your visibility, your turnover or your conversion rate, this marketing technique consists in attracting the prospect naturally towards you, without the need to set up a more intrusive marketing strategy. Indeed, it is the art of attracting customers without using aggressive marketing techniques.

To do this, we will help you find the areas of improvement of your business and help you to optimize them in an innovative way thanks to a marketing plan offering quality and relevant content in relation to your offer. Moreover, this strategy will prove to be a considerable time saver. Thanks to a particular process that we will detail, we will be able to implement this inbound marketing strategy within your company. It concerns the marketing department of your company, but has a close link with your sales force, which must understand the issues of this strategy to increase your return on investment.

A specific inbound marketing process

The inbound marketing strategy is broken down into several steps. Of course, we accompany you through the different stages of its implementation. The first one consists in attracting potential prospects on your pages or on your social networks, thanks to attractive and visible contents. To do this, you need to work on the creation of content, such as setting up a blog, but also through different SEO strategies. Setting up a blog is a useful traffic factor on your site. Indeed, 2/3 of online shoppers spend a lot of time reading content from brands that interest them. You need to attract prospects to read your content, especially since 85% of companies see their traffic increase within 7 months after the implementation of an inbound marketing strategy. Multimedia content must also be worked on, as videos are now essential, especially on websites creation and social networks.

Next, it is a question of converting these people into prospects. We help you in this challenge by creating landing pages, setting up Google Analytics campaigns or optimizing the “calls to action” necessary at this stage. This is a real investment, but according to Eloqua, the average cost of landing pages drops by 80% after 5 months of inbound marketing strategy. We then accompany you so that these prospects become customers, thanks to our lead management method and your CRM tool. But that’s not all, your customer can become a true ambassador of your brand and we offer to gain his loyalty through the use of social networks and emailing strategy.

How to set up an inbound marketing strategy for your company?

Entertainment and learning

For a successful inbound marketing strategy, your company must become a media in its own right. That’s why it has to learn from future prospects and entertain them. The marketing relationship is now only in one direction, it is now a two-way relationship. The watchword is: attractive, innovative and creative content. Our teams will help you to carry out this content strategy for your inbound marketing. Discover our article to know how to improve your inbound marketing strategy.

Our audio-visual production studio LakeProd allows you to obtain photos, videos and other innovative media. We will design media for you that match your company’s image and that will attract your prospects. The video format is now the most effective format, so having a corporate video that presents your products and services and highlights your advantages over your competitors is paramount.

Return on Investment (ROI)

Return on Investment (ROI) is an element that we take into account when establishing an inbound marketing strategy. Our Habefast agency has this culture of results and we are keen to respect your budget. More than 90% of companies that have implemented an inbound marketing strategy have seen their sales increase within 7 months. This will be controlled thanks to the various reporting tools we have put in place. Also, we take care to keep a constant eye on your sales. Our reporting tools will help us to adapt this strategy at any time, always in our logic of constant improvement and innovation.