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Do you want to create an elegant and innovative marketing campaign? Do you want to stand out from the competition at a time when the number of websites is increasing every day? Our web designers will help you in this project.

Digital marketing, a new challenge for companies

You have heard about web banners and would like to analyze the potential of your company? Do you want to optimize campaigns that are already in place?

The advantages of digital marketing

At a time of digitalization, a company can no longer ignore the advantages of a digital marketing campaign. The amount of time spent in front of a computer screen or smartphone increases every year, and nowadays it can reach several hours: that’s how long your customers are exposed to digital communication. Furthermore, digital marketing offers a more rational scientific methodology than traditional media marketing. Thanks to the various tools available, a company can closely monitor investments by measuring the impact of its campaigns, based on the number of appointments made or sales generated.

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Many campaign formats are possible

Digital marketing offers many opportunities for campaigns, adapted to different activities and different targets.

  • Google AdWords campaigns (AdWords campaigns) or paid referencing

    It is about communicating via the advertising network of search engines, here Google. These are very reactive campaigns, which you can adjust according to your needs and which target the audience according to criteria that you define. The Google display network allows you to use different communication media, including web banners – images in different formats distributed on the Display network, which means that your banners will be integrated on different thematic sites among Internet users corresponding to your targeting criteria (age category, geographical area, etc.).

  • SMO campaigns or social network optimization

    Nowadays, marketing necessarily involves social networks (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, etc.) and an in-depth knowledge of these networks is required to optimize your campaigns: main audience of each network, best practices in terms of publications, preferred types of content, etc.

  • Website design

    Many websites make space available on their various pages, independently of the Google Display network, for the communication of affinity brands. For example, websites specializing in literature can be used as communication media for publishing houses. For example, the most interesting page to occupy is the homepage or home page.

Our web designers at your service for your digital campaigns

  • The role of the web designers

    Google AdWords offers an automated design service which, starting from a few elements, proposes web banners that adapt to all the supports of the Display network. This very simple banner system has the advantage of being fast but risks attracting less attention from Internet users. With a personalized and high quality design, you can make the difference with the competition: your web banners will have more chance to attract a maximum of traffic to your website. Our creative studio is experienced in digital marketing campaigns and regularly creates web banners for all types of media. Our graphic designers can create web banners adapted to your digital campaign and make original and elegant graphic proposals, while respecting your graphic charter.

    Do not hesitate to contact us if you want your campaigns to be effective and in line with your brand image.

  • Habefast advises and accompanies you

    Habefast is a 360° communication agency: we accompany you throughout your project. From the strategic reflection on your communication campaign to the follow-up of the results, our experts advise you and help you to determine the objective of your campaign: sales, contact, notoriety, influence. The design of the banners will be defined according to this objective. In addition, we set up a number of KPIs to monitor the performance of the campaigns. The principle of these campaigns is to be able to optimize and adjust each of their components: it is a minimum weekly follow-up. It is only thanks to this meticulous work that a good return on investment can be expected. At Habefast, we manage the entire campaign and guarantee you the best results.

  • The impact of the image

    If different types of digital campaigns exist, the diversity of possible formats for web banners makes it a very attractive communication support. For the Display network or for the design of websites, web banners are an indispensable and very effective tool to attract quality traffic to your website.