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A matter of trust

The Adent Group is the first network of dental clinics to offer a presence of treatment facilities in French and German-speaking Switzerland. The Habefast teams support the group on different aspects of their digital and print communication.

A dedicated team composed of project managers, graphic designers, web designers and webdevelopers worked on the redesign of the Adent website, but also on the creation of various digital contents (social networks, advertising inserts, newsletters, blog posts, My Business sheets, etc.) as well as print materials.

The Lakeprod studio, part of Habefast Group, regularly carries out photo shoots in the clinics of the Adent network in order to feed the social networks and the website.

Habefast Study Case Adent Matter Of Trust
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Strong values

Confidence, proximity, personalized and modern care. These are the strong values of the Adent Group, which accompany all the group’s employees and patients on a daily basis. The objective of Habefast teams is therefore to transcribe these values on all communication media.

In addition, each Adent clinic brings together all the dental specialties in order to facilitate access to care. The group’s presence on the digital media, particularly social networks, is part of this desire for proximity and expertise.

Habefast Study Case Adent Strong Values
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Habefast Study Case Adent Personalized Emails
Habefast Study Case Adent Social Networks

Small flashback

The collaboration between Adent and the Habefast teams began with the adaptation of the brand logo for their 20th anniversary. Graphic elements thus came to accompany the emblematic apple for a whole year. Since then, the particles to the left of the apple have been kept on the digital in order to bring dynamism.

Habefast Study Case Adent Flash Back
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