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A family business redefining itself

Arborisme Leuba, a combination of two structures: Arbrexpert and Woodtli et Leuba, is a family business specializing in all forms of tree care. With extensive experience in the field, Arborisme Leuba has established itself as an undisputed expert in tree care and maintenance in French-speaking Switzerland. The company strives to distinguish itself as an expert in its field, setting itself apart from landscaping companies that are less specialized in trees and complex cases.

To support the company in its evolution, we carried out a naming exercise to propose different company names as part of the regrouping of the various structures. Arborisme Leuba was chosen. The term Arborisme was coined by us with the vision of contributing to the company’s positioning and creating a strong DNA around tree care. We then worked on the creation of a brand new visual identity, combining the strengths and values of the three pre-existing entities.

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A new visual identity

Once the name had been validated, we set about building a coherent, impactful visual identity. Each visual element was carefully thought out to reflect Arborisme Leuba’s brand universe, highlighting its passion for trees and its commitment to their health and preservation. We also participated in the creation of a new logo and graphic charter, with every aspect of the new visual identity designed to create a memorable and captivating visual experience. Communication materials to announce the change to the company’s stakeholders with this brand new graphic identity.

Thanks to this close collaboration between Arborisme Leuba and the Habefast team, the company has succeeded in creating a strong and coherent new visual identity. Arborisme Leuba is now firmly positioned as a benchmark in tree care and maintenance, offering specialized, personalized services to ensure the health and beauty of these natural wonders.

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Promoting the project through a website

We worked carefully on merging the group’s three sites (design office site, care site and blog) to create a website that would meet the objective of bringing these different entities together while retaining a business line logic. The aim was to ensure fluid navigation for web users, by setting up redirections to the new site, Arborisme Leuba. Our aim was to make essential information on the company’s services, as well as practical tree care resources, accessible to all users. This project is a testament to our expertise in website design, and our ability to respond to the specific needs of our customers thanks to the diverse expertise of our team members.

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Branded communication materials

Our team demonstrated its wide range of skills by assisting this company in a variety of areas.In addition to merging the group’s websites and creating the new site for Arborisme Leuba, our graphic designers also contributed their expertise by creating visual aids such as business cards and brochures, ensuring that they reflected the company’s identity and values.
This all-encompassing approach, combining website creation and communications media, enabled us to provide our customer with a complete and coherent solution for their communications strategy.

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