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Fond du sport Vaudois
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Graphic designs and signage for the vaudois sports fund

The Fonds du Sport Vaudois contacted us to produce several of their graphic and signage designs. The aim of this foundation is to collect and distribute the Vaudois budget allocated to the sports industry to associations and clubs. In particular, it owns the Maison du Sport Vaudois (MSVd), a sports complex based in Leysin.

Our role as a graphic design agency was to create the design for the company’s activity reports. This document is particularly useful for internal communication. Our agency is accustomed to helping its customers create visuals to energize their print and web communications: brochures, catalogs, flyers, HTML signatures, etc.

Habefast Study Case Fonds Du Sport Vaudois Logo
Habefast Study Case Fonds Du Sport Vaudois Activity Report

Customized signage

We also focused on the design of an equestrian hedge as part of a sponsorship deal with the Fonds du Sport Vaudois. We therefore worked in partnership with the workshop specialized in the manufacture of this type of obstacle, to take into account the various technical constraints in the creation of the visual.

Habefast Study Case Fonds Du Sport Vaudois Show Jumping