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1 ski area, 2 villages, 5 hotels

The Grimentz-Zinal ski area is divided between the two villages. Grimentz, at an altitude of 1’570 m, and Zinal, at an altitude of 1’670 m, are two villages with a lot of charm and assets.

The Habefast teams had the pleasure to accompany the ski lifts in the creation of a website template as well as the redesign of all the websites of the hotels belonging to RMA.

Habefast Study Case Grimentz Zinal Sky Lift
Habefast Ski Lift Grimentz Zinal Le Besso Home Banner

Creation of a website template for the different entities of the group

The ski lifts of the Grimentz-Zinal resort, based in the Val d’Anniviers, mandated the Habefast agency to create a website template that could be used for the different establishments spread over the two villages of the resort. A dedicated team composed of project managers, UX designers, webdesigners and webdevelopers worked on the redesign of the websites of the hotels of the resort Grimentz-Zinal.
For the creation of the template, we thought of an ergonomics and a website structure that could be adapted to different establishment websites while keeping a common thread in the logic of content presentation. It was also important to choose a content management tool that would allow a simplified administration.
The realization of a website template for a group that has to create several sites is an interesting approach and allows to realize significant budgetary savings whether it is at the level of the creation or the maintenance.

Habefast Study Case Grimentz Zinal Hotel Europe
Habefast Study Case Grimentz Zinal Site Hotel Cristal Banner

Redesign of the websites for simplified navigation and reservations

We then took care of the redesign of the different websites of the hotels in the resort of Grimentz Zinal. Each of the hotels has a strong identity in relation with its specificity: a hotel dedicated to lovers, another one rather family, another one for sportsmen alone or with friends… Each site was realized with care, with the colors of its hotel from the template created beforehand. This saves time in the redesign of the sites.
You can find visuals of these different sites finalized, below.
We also set up a site structure optimized for natural referencing and we could see a rise in the positions of the hotels on Google as of the first weeks of setting on line. This is very interesting and favors direct bookings rather than going through online booking platforms.

Habefast Study Case Grimentz Zinal Site Hotel La Pointe
Habefast Study Case Grimentz Zinal Site Hotel Le Besso
Habefast Study Case Grimentz Zinal Site Hotel Alpina
Habefast Study Case Grimentz Zinal Site Hotel Cinq 4000 Banner