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Transcribe a peaceful atmosphere

Situated on the outskirts of Morges, the 3-star Hotel La Longeraie offers its guests 45 renovated rooms, a green park and 12 rooms equipped for the organisation of events, whether for a General Meeting or a cocktail party. 

To make it easier to book a stay and increase its visibility, the Hotel La Longeraie has decided to redesign its website. After an immersion session in order to understand the establishment’s needs, our web development service, webdesign and graphic design department worked together to create a website in line with La Longeraie’s image and objectives.

Habefast Study Case La Longeraie A Peaceful Atmosphere
Habefast Study Case La Longeraie Website Redesign

Enhance the value of all services

Each page of the website has been meticulously designed. In order to enhance them, it was important to focus on precision, illustration and quick access to information. High-quality images have been carefully integrated to give visitors an immersive effect and to highlight each service offered by the hotel, from room reservations to the menus proposed by the restaurant. 

Habefast Study Case La Longeraie Enhancement Of Prestations
Habefast Study Case La Longeraie Visual Identity On Communication Supports

Informing and attracting visitors

The Hotel La Longeraie also wanted to inform its future visitors through printed communication media. The collaboration between the artistic directors and the graphic designers of the Habefast agency resulted in the creation of brochures, mainly aimed at companies and group bookings.

In a second phase, a site map was drawn up to facilitate the customer’s journey within the establishment and to give visibility to the entire domain. 

Habefast Study Case La Longeraie Informing And Attracting Visitors
Habefast Study Case La Longeraie Creation Of Brochures

The image at the heart of the system

As a picture is worth a thousand words, the teams in our production studio have taken various photos of the premises, the rooms, the reception areas and the dishes proposed by the chef. 

Habefast Study Case La Longeraie Photo And Video Content Creation
Habefast Study Case La Longeraie Product Enhancement By Quality Photos