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From a food habit to a culinary creation project

By Marie-Pascale is the culmination of a habit that has been ingrained in Marie-Pascale since her childhood: eating a variety of foods for good health. An adept of flexitarism, Marie-Pascale offers a variety of recipes that strike a subtle balance between nutritional intake and environmental issues. Flexitarianism means that a person follows a dietary practice based on vegetarianism while including an occasional consumption of meat.  

To give concrete expression to this passion for cooking, Marie-Pascale has chosen to collaborate with companies in line with her philosophy and values. It was therefore important to accompany her in the creation of a visual identity specific to her personality and commitments.

Habefast Study Case Marie Pascale A Culinary Creation Project
Habefast Study Case Marie Pascale Logo Banner

An authentic and delicate visual identity

Marie-Pascale is committed to raising awareness among her customers and prospects with a touch of benevolence. Our collaboration was first illustrated by the creation of her visual identity, the aim of which was to put forward a professional image, a friendly aspect and one that was consistent with her personality.

In order to maintain harmony between the different communication media and to testify to Marie-Pascale’s professionalism, the logo and visual identity were used on all communication media, particularly on the business card and the website. 

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A website for an immersion in its culinary universe

To encourage collaboration with companies and extend the visibility of its know-how, the global communication agency Habefast was pleased to develop Marie-Pascale’s website. Our teams of web-developers and graphic designers imagined the site so that Internet users enter a culinary universe that speaks to them and arouses their curiosity. In addition, our audiovisual production subsidiary LakeProd carried out a culinary shoot and portrait photos of Marie-Pascale to illustrate the website in the image of her personality. From her commitments to her recipes, Marie-Pascale immerses us in her culinary passions and shows us that “eating well is within reach”. 

Habefast Study Case Marie Pascale Immersion In His Universe Culinary
Habefast Study Case Marie Pascale Website