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Nestlé Waters is a subsidiary of the Nestlé Group and is the world’s leading producer of bottled water.

In order to raise awareness and inform all internal employees about the use of plastic bottles, Nestlé Waters wanted to distribute an information booklet in English, from the manufacturing to the recycling process.

Habefast Study Case Nestle Inform Raise Awareness Take Action
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Create, model, print

Given the size of the Nestlé Waters company, it was essential to respect a certain guideline, whether for the visual identity or the textual content. Our teams of graphic designers then used the colors associated with the Nestlé Waters brand image, namely blue and white, representing the logo but also water. We worked on the creation of multiple illustrations and diagrams to popularize the information and get the messages across in a direct and effective way. The booklet was designed to be clear and easy to understand. There are many color images illustrating the words as well as key figures. It is therefore quick to read because it is dynamic.  Our graphic design studio was delighted to receive very positive feedback from the client on the positive impact of this booklet on the level of knowledge of Nestlé employees around the world on the topic of plastic recycling. User buy-in is always the number one criterion for evaluating the quality of work of our illustrators, who must reconcile both the aesthetic aspects and the effectiveness of the message in terms of comprehension and memorization.

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