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A new website for "a new vision of life"

Over the past 20 years, Optic 2000 has opened more than 42 shops in French and German-speaking Switzerland. 

In order to offer content and a user experience in line with current web standards, Optic 2000 Switzerland wanted to redesign its website. The Habefast agency had the pleasure of collaborating with the brand, and rethinking all the ergonomics and information highlighted. 
We worked on synthesising and simplifying the presentation of the Optic 2000 Switzerland offer, to make it more comprehensible in French and German. 

Habefast Study Case Optic 2000 New Website New Vision
Habefast Study Case Optic 2000 New Website

Products worth seeing

In order to promote its products and facilitate the experience of its users, Optic 2000 Switzerland offers an online fitting function for all its eyewear and sunglasses. This means that everyone can try on the glasses they like, without having to go to the shop. 
Optic 2000 Switzerland, a trendsetter, wanted to offer a showcase catalogue representing its product range and expertise, but also to publicise new trends in frames and new designer brands via its blog.

Habefast Study Case Optic 2000 Virtual Glasses Fitting
Habefast Study Case Optic 2000 New Website Example Of Pages On Smartphone
Habefast Study Case Optic 2000 Realisation Of Advertising Board
Habefast Study Case Optic 2000 Realization Of Advertising On Bus

Simple and intuitive mobile navigation

As the number of mobile users increased, the site needed to offer smooth navigation to improve the user conversion rate. 
The amount of information highlighted on the site had to be sorted to ensure that the most important elements were visible on mobile phones, while respecting the right natural SEO processes.

Habefast Study Case Optic 2000 Simple And Intuitive Mobile Navigation